Louis C.K. A Touching Tail

There was a time that I virtually worshipped comedian Louis C.K. Caustic and acerbic as he could be, he seemed to cut straight to the heart of things, deconstructing and finding humor in ways only comics can do. I should also mention here that I have a number of friends who are stand up comics, and I think it bears mentioning that for many comics the stage is a means of therapy.  There is truth that in pain comes creativity and Art, and stand up comedy very definitely is an art form.

On my MP3 player I have a stand up comedy file with better than a dozen different comics and  an untold number of short comedy spots. But Louis C.K. held a special place. He seemed to speak from the middle aged white man’s point of view, speaking on rape, homophobia, sex and marriage, marriage, Cinnabon, airports, getting older and more. Louis C.K. had his own separate file. Then…well, I neither can or will listen to another Louis C.K.  stand up ever again.

Jon Stewart knew, and said nothing. He’s done in my view, as well. People knew that Louis C.K. would act like some sort of animal predator, inviting female comics to his room only to begin masturbating in front of them. Who does that? Well, according to my wife and female friends, far more men than polite society wants to admit. Here is a guy who could and did have everything; money, notoriety, financial security, family, films, access, and who certainly would not have had any trouble meeting women, provided he wasn’t an absolute freak.

I found out about it last week when the news broke widely, though, as I said, apparently lot’s of people knew this was happening. Everyone around Harvey Weinstein knew about his perversion and even violence only to keep quiet as long as they got paid. And all of this moral outrage by an industry that facilitated Weinstein, Spacy, Louis C.K. and others like them is reprehensible in it’s own right. Roy Moore, a prosecutor, was trolling a high school in his 30s, and was banned from a mall for predatory behavior against under age girls! Now that the once mighty Rhino has been stumbled, finally all those long intimidated by his judicial power and bullying behavior has stepped forward. I risked my home and job speaking out against an egregious injustice committed by an airline CEO after September 11, 2001. Stand up, men, or you are just weak!

And please, Louis C.K.,  don’t attempt to explain this away as some sort of sickness. You failed to control yourself when you knew better. The quickness of your public apology confirms that. There is no apology Louis C.K. could offer. Forever what ever he does will be tainted by the specter of what he did to those young and only too trusting women.. How could you, Louis C.K. ? How could you do that to those women, first of all, and how did you ever think that fans would ever get past that in a million years. I’m not sure I would even want to buy a cup of coffee from you.

Angry? Yes, but more heart broken and disappointed more. You had bits that were more than stand up, but were brilliant transcendent observations of the human condition. What you did destroyed all that. It made that brilliance instead plastic and false, and there simply is no redemption except to take your millions and start from this moment striving to redeem yourself, quietly and anonymously, and where no one ever has to be reminded what they believed you were and what you actually turned out to be.

A touching tail? Sure, but not the one I ever wanted to tell.


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WTF in Texas…(WARNING: Very Graphic Language)

A good guy with a gun in Texas gets credit? The guy kills or wounds almost everyone in the church with a gun he “legally” purchased at a Texas store because all that he had to do was check a box that said he COULD buy a gun. He goes outside and gets into a wild street battle, bullets sailing all over the neighborhood. The guy jumps in his truck (Go figure), the “good guy” flags down a ride. They give chase-not cops by the way(Where the fuck were they in this little town?)-racing through lights and traffic and stop signs through town (Again…the cops? Little town!) shooting out of a speeding car at speeds of between 87 and 95mph. The bad guy crashes and shoots himself, and these two Rambo hillbilly fucks get credit from Trump, and their story fictionalized by the Right? Because the cops wouldn’t have caught up to this mope later, likely without endangering untold numbers of people? Well, considering a crime spree movie shoot ’em up took place in a tiny little town and the cops couldn’t quite get there before it was all over, did I say TINY LITTLE TOWN???!!!. The best way to stop one nightmare with a gun is to replace it with another nightmare with a gun?  

Crazy vs Evil: can we get some consistency please! (Caution, slightly strong language)

This isn’t an argument for or against pornographic levels of gun proliferation in America. That ship has already sailed. I’ve heard it up to here from both side, each locked in their own trenches, with no common or reasonable ground between them. America doesn’t care. It feigns outrage and drops immediately into their respective well-rehearsed attack-defend diatribes. America even seems to get some sort of bizarre schizophrenic entertainment value, whether for the shock value in an emotionally stilted and burnt out society, for the money in gun sales or political contributions, or just to see if we can one-up the last “deadliest” shooting. And I say all this knowing full well that I or someone I know and care about may be a victim of pop-up gun violence at some point.

What I want is some consistency. Right away, Trump and others, somber and shocked all the way to their Oscar acceptance, began a tacit defense of guns, (because guns don’t kill people, and they apparently can’t defend themselves in the media either) by describing the Texas Church shooter this week as “crazy”, “demented” and “Insane.” never mind that he was legally “sane” enough to guy guns, despite having a history of beating his wife and being tossed from the Air Force for violence and just being a general sonofabitch. But being a sonofabitch isn’t a mental disorder. Neither, by the way is a sonofabitch flippantly described as crazy.

One person who should have been considered “crazy, or at least an idiot and a sonofabitch was the mope who drove a truck onto the bike path in New York last week, killing eight with a rental truck. He wasn’t carrying a gun and was Muslim, and so he was a terrorist and evil. Even if he had a gun, he would still have been called evil and a terrorist, while our gun toting sonofabitch, who is not Muslim, and happens to be Caucasian, is simply crazy, misguided…

The Texas sonofabitch apparently did not spend aa great deal of time planning, unlike the NYC sonofabitch, who spent many months, numerous notebooks and who knows what else planning a caper that could have been planned in three minutes on a post-it note:


But no, this criminal mastermind, who needed notebooks to pull off his crime was characterized as the tip of the proverbial spear of ISIS. Please. A little consistency. America doesn’t have a gang, ISIS, terrorist, gun, white supremacist problem. It as an asshole problem. Funny that the same people who are outspoken against so-called identity politics, are the people who immediately want to parcel crime into religious, racial and national buckets for their own, dare I say, identity-driven political expediency.

FUN-draiser for Clean Count Cook County with DB Comedy

2018 is coming, and after that 2020!

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Come on out Tues, Nov 7th to Andersonville, in Chicago, to this comedic FUNd-raiser for Clean Count Cook County.  This will be a fun way to support our work getting a Clean Count of our votes in Cook County.

FUN-draiser for Clean Count Cook County with DB Comedy

Tuesday, November 7 at 7:30 PM –9:30PM

Mary’s Attic, 5400 N Clark St
(Above Hamburger Mary’s),
Chicago, Illinois 60640

Tickets just $15  ($12 for seniors and students with ID)
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Every Little Detail

Every Little Detail
At this moment, 23 years ago, Ana and I had just been pronounced Wife and Husband. I remember every detail, as if I was back at that moment in time. I recall how my heart beat and that I felt like a fool, the only foreigner, a trespasser to a city under siege, and yet I hardly felt alone. There was gunfire in the Plaza a quarter mile away, echoing hollow among the shell-torn buildings, and across their neglected and weedy lots. Ana arrived in an old brown Mercedes taxi driven by a friend. She was in a borrowed red dress, cradling a small bouquet of crimson roses wrapped in a several pages of the city’s wartime newspaper, Oslobodjenje. Ana hated red roses. They reminded her of too many funeral. I was in the clothes I would wear crossing through the frontlines. Hasan Haljevac, my Kum, or best man had offered one of his old maroon suits…with bell bottoms! Ana, quite diplomatically said that she wanted “a war wedding.” Hasan’s wife, the artist Nadja, our would be matchmaker fought emotion, cocking her head with such a sweetly sympathetic smile. Little blond-haired Sasha, a sniper, walked the two blocks from the frontline to see his good friend married. There were tears in the eyes of my new mother-in-law,Renata Ivoš. The sky was clear. It was warm for an October day. The air held a jaundiced hue from the war, it’s ubiquitous dust, and from a 1000 smoky fires around the city. The sun was a smudge of white glare above the embattled limb of Mount Trebevic rising over the city and valley. The air smelled of wood smoke. I was leaving Ana that night, attempting to escape the city. Olja Borkovic, my new sister-in-law was softened, in contrast to her street punk persona. I was falling, joyously, understanding that even if I did not survive that night, all my prayers had been fulfilled. I am still falling, joyous and hopeless. I love you, Ana Turck. Happy anniversary. You are more beautiful to me now than that first moment I saw you and thought you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen…

The Midwest’s Most Well-Respected Combined Antiques and Modernism Show


The Midwest’s Most Well-Respected Combined Antiques and Modernism Show

Celebrates 60+ Years!  

WINNETKA, Ill.  – Interior designers, treasure hunters, and collectors alike will convene on Chicago’s North Shore Friday, November 3 through Sunday, November 5 at the historic Winnetka Community House, 620 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, Illinois for the annual Antiques + Modernism Show (A+M).

Proudly presented by the Woman’s board of the Winnetka Community House, this spectacular style and design event has become a favorite for those living in Chicagoland and beyond, attracting thousands of antique lovers, art collectors and shoppers throughout the three day Show. Its 60+ year history and prevailing reputation speak to the caliber of this highly anticipated gathering, which features more than 40 nationally-recognized dealers of antiques and modern pieces.  

“It’s such an honor to be part of this year’s Antiques + Modernism Show,” said Winnetka resident, Christina Cripe, chair of A+M 2017. “Not only will we be welcoming dozens of exceptional dealers from around the country, but we will also be hosting a variety of special events all weekend long,” she adds. “Our speakers are nationally renowned innovators in their field, and are visionaries in the world of interior design, architecture, antiques, and landscape design,” she explains. “The response from the public has been tremendous, and tickets are selling quickly. We’re very excited about this year’s show and raising money for Winnetka Community House.”    

On Friday, November 3, a lunchtime presentation called “Collaborative Design Inside and Out,” will be held with three well-known industry experts; Edmund Hollander, president of HOLLANDERdesign|Landscape Architects, Michael Del Piero, founder of Michael Del Piero Good Design, and Steve Kadlec, founder and principal of KADLEC Architecture + Design. The three will discuss what it takes to create a truly spectacular home from a residential architectural, landscape architectural, and interior design perspective. The panel will be moderated by Arianne Nardo, Home & Design Editor of Robb Report. Tickets are $45 and include lunch and 3-day admission to the Show.

Saturday, November 4 features two presentations. The first, “Inspired Style at Home – The Fun is in the Mix,” features Jane Scott Hodges for a brunch-time event, where she will inspire attendees to take a fresh look at the way they live and entertain. Hodges is the founder and owner of Leontine Linens, and is credited with reviving the art of couture linens for everyday use. Tickets to this event are $45 and include 3-day admission to the Show along with brunch.

The second Saturday event is complimentary with Show admission and features Leslie Harrington, Ph.D. With over twenty years of experience in the paint industry, Dr. Harrington and will delve into the science behind color creation and perception. Harrington’s presentation will also grant a Continuing Education Credit for any interior designers who attend.


 To kick off the last day of A+M, taste-maker and Chicago-native Doug Van Tress will share his insights for antique discovery and purchasing. Following this Sunday morning presentation, attendees will be invited to board a trolley bound for four historic homes in Winnetka. At these homes, local designers will demonstrate innovative ways to blend antique and modern pieces within the dining and living rooms. The trolley will return visitors to the Show by early afternoon. Tickets are $45 and include admission to the Show.

As in years past, A+M will welcome distinguished antique dealers from across the country who will be showcasing their American, European and Asian collections, while those specializing in modern pieces will display work from various design movements including Mid-Century Modern, Arts and Crafts, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. The thorough and thoughtful selection of dealers ensures that only items of the highest quality are sold at Antiques + Modernism. Attendees will find beautiful home furnishings and accessories, artwork, clothing, jewelry, and more, all available for purchase at the Show.

 A+M will be held Friday, November 3 from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, Saturday, November 4 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, and Sunday, November 5 from 11:00 am – 4:00 pm. A three-day pass is $15 in advance and $20 at the door. The Preview Party is Thursday, November 2. Tickets can be purchased at www.thewinnetkashow.com, or by calling the Winnetka Community House at (847) 446-0537.