earlier this week it was reported than a Columbian female police officer, Luisa Fernanda Urrea, responding to a call about an abandoned child did something extraordinary. So did the media by the way in concealing from headlines that the officer was from another country; an opportunistic PR effort at a time when US police are facing criticism over racially biased and heavy-handed policing practices. but the real shocker was how cert5ain groups reacted to this story.

Urrea, a new mother realized that the child was starving and suffering hypothermia. Her judgment as an officer and as a mother led her to a conclusion that the child faced imminent death and might not survive long enough for the paramedics to arrive. Urrea made the decision to breastfeed the child until help arrived, utilizing both the breast milk and her own body heat to save the child.

Interesting that the reaction from many on the right who call themselves pro-life was in criticizing the officer. On one talk show, which regularly champions the anti-choice movement, the actions by Urrea were deemed as inappropriate. Either that or they simply confused this story with a Trump speech and were opposed to saving the live of  non-American

WC Turck is the author of more than a dozen books. He is an artist, critically acclaimed playwright and talk radio host in Chicago. He has been called the most dangerous voice on the Left. His latest book “<em><strong>A Tragic Fate:</strong> is an unflinching look at the events leading up to the shooting down of Malaysia Air Flight 17</em>.” His first novel, “<strong>Broken</strong>” was recommended by NAMI for its treatment of PTSD. In 2006 he published “<strong>Everything for Love</strong>,” a memoir of his experiences during the siege of Sarajevo. He wrote and produced two critically acclaimed plays, “<strong>Occupy my Heart</strong>” and “<strong>The People’s Republic of Edward Snowden</strong>.” He works with the homeless and foreclosure victims in Chicago. He hosts “<strong>Helter Skelter</strong>” a weekly radio show dedicated to issues, society and politics on Que4 radio in Chicago. he is also an organizing board member of Chicago’s only community radio station dedicated to supporting diversity in media. Turck also hosted Revolution and Beer, with co-host Brian Murray, a weekly TV and radio show. He has been featured on radio, television and newpapers across the country, including The Thom Hartmann Show, WLS, WCPT, The Grant Cordone program, NPR, the Chicago Tribune and more. Turck also has nearly two decades experience in the airline industry, working for both Lufthansa and United Airlines. He is also an expert in Balkan and European History, Nationalism, PTSD and Issues of Genocide and Racism. For more information, past shows, videos and articles, visit http://www.wcturckhelterskelter.wordpress.com</em&gt;


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