Pork in Chicago’s Porky Budget

I was looking at Chicago’s budget. Light Sunday reading. 500 colorful pages of fantasy and wishes sucked right out of the pockets of taxpayers. The Right and city hall blame financial woes on teachers, and not one penny is ever trimmed from a very porky budget. I did the math. Here is a bit of what I found.

City officials actually spend $15000 annually on pagers. How 21st Century of them. I worked for a logistics firm using my own smartphone to manage a global 1/2 billion dollar market. Never needed a pager. Drug dealers and school principals in the 1980s need pagers.  The airport spends millions on its own separate payroll and HR department, because the rest of the city’s is too good for them? There are more chiefs than firefighters/EMTs and Paramedics at O’Hare, all making in excess of $100k annually. There are dozens of commissioners working for the city at O’Hare. All have assistants, and assistants to those assistants, each making between $100 and $143k annually. Each of those has a staff assistant making around $70 k, and a secretary, or two or three. Painters, not Picasso, at O’Hare make over $91k per year not including overtime, while truck drivers make in excess of $71k. The city has two separate departments spending millions which essentially do the same thing. One is called Human RESOURCES, the other Human RELATIONS.

Take half of the $1.5 billion skimmed for TIFs, 10% off the police budget for $140 million annually, $10 million in pork from aviation and an average of $70 million in lawsuits $642 million since 2004, or at $100 each, about 6.4 million parking tickets-or enough paper to cut down 2/3 of the trees in Chicago parks) for police abuse and we are pennies away from cutting $1 billion just out of the city budget, and that’s without trying! Eliminate corp. subsidies and tax forgiveness at the city and county level saves another $50-80 million. What are we wasting at the State level? Balance the budget without hitting retirees and teachers/students in 3 years?

Plus, for all the environmentalists, the city has a new fleet of SUVs, especially for the police, phasing out cars and tripling gas consumption and cost, for around $45-$55k in fuel costs daily, or around $16-20 million annually, just in gas!

See for yourself. However, do not attempt to take a drink each time you find waste and abuse or complete idiocy as it could be fatal:




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