So Long, America

Once upon a time Flint had GM jobs and you couldn’t drink the water in Mexico, now Mexico has all the GM jobs and you can’t drink the water in Flint…

Reagan deregulated, Clinton opened the NAFTA flood gates, congress put up a for sale sign, Bush threw a party with a credit card in Iraq and Obama saved the bankers, all while the American people slept. And when some Americans stood up and Occupied spaces to shout a warning about greed and theft and inequality the rest of the country remained asleep or called them communists and cheered when the police bashed them. And when it came time to vote, the only thing that would really “Take back the nation” from the true thugs on Wall Street too many simply couldn’t be bothered…

America cries poor for the man needing healthcare but always finds money for oil companies and banks. It declares lazy the homeless, and labels the mentally ill as evil; unable to find homes or clinics, but always able to afford prisons and police. It shatters the mirror reflecting its own immigrant past and then builds a wall, and stumbles the Black man only to blame is clumsiness.  We’ve abandoned the art of conversation but mastered the art of the gun.

The puppeteers have learned to make the common man and woman willing puppets to their own exhaustion and debt. They tamper with the schools, martyr our children in their wars for profit and bury us at the end of a lifelong cry for the once promised dream. They rely that we will remain silent, and we are only too eager to comply despite the pain and injustice confounding us. Crime is a term applied to the poor when they fail. Bailout is a term applied to the wealthy when they steal.

Once upon a time we fought fascism and rebuilt Europe, now, through men like Trump and Cruz, we court fascism and despise what we once rebuilt.

Once upon a time there was a country, to borrow a line from Emir Kusterica. This time it is us.


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