Talk host Stephanie Miller admonished a Sander’s supporter on her nationally syndicated radio show, saying that its now okay to dump Bernie and vote for Hillary because Sanders has succeeded in pulling her further to the Left. Wow, are we now led to believe that Sanders is essentially the pace car for the real candidate? Even Thom Hartmann is making that case, albeit obliquely, as these syndicated hosts can’t help but betray how beholden they are to the two party system, especially the democrat party.

The so-called Liberal and Progressive elite, a closed little club that is more a mask on the democrat’s style of creeping corporatism, all but ignores Sanders, treats him like a wind sock or lightening rod to shield Hillary from a full rightwing onslaught. They all, in faux candor, readily admit, though it breaks their bleeding heart to say, that only Hillary can win a general election. But fear not, Hillary’s warmongering, her selling out to banks and foreign nations to build an ego satisfying war chest for a presidential run, Wall Street money, condescension to racial issues, an absentee record on actual feminist issues (Except to say she’s pro-feminism simply because she’s a woman) and a sudden disdain for single-payer healthcare is slanting left thanks to Bernie Sanders.

Here’s the deal, I want an electric car, so I’m going to accept a gas guzzler that looks like one? I’d like a nice juicy steak, so give me a plastic prop covered in steak sauce?  I’d like a diaper, so I’ll take one that’s full of crap? Admittedly the analogy breaks down a bit with that one. But why accept something that is like the thing you really want? If you’re decided on Hillary, go for it, but never accept second best when the better candidate is right there.


6 thoughts on “Selling Faux Bernie

  1. Had a conversation last night with a Hillary backer who gave me the “it’s FRAUDULENT of Bernie to promise all these unrealistic things that would never get through a Republican Congress” meme… if he’s trying to lie to his audience. A Republican Congress, I told her,will kick and scream against anything that takes the country in even a slightly “progressive lite” direction. Knowing that, I would rather vote for the real deal……Bernie tearing down the big banks and reenacting Glass-Steagall, reeling in Wall Street and generating revenue from transaction fees on trading, and giving ALL the people the benefit of Single Payer Universal Health Care that the rest of the developed world already enjoys. Will a Republican Congress buy off on any of that? Of course not. But maybe, just maybe, a true man of the people who is NOT bought and paid for can bring out enough of the middle and working class to the polls in November that the knuckle-dragging corporate shill’s voices from the right will not have the volume (or votes) to stand in the way. Keep ringing the bell Bill.


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