Deposed Illinois congressman Joe Walsh, little “c”, is not a racist. He’ll be the first to tell you, like all non-racists. He’s got a Black friend. Walsh will also tell you he luuuuuuuvs cops. He loves ’em so much that he takes assaults and attacks on police officers deeply personally. Every time a Black man was implicated in any sort of violence against a cop, for any reason, Walsh shouted from his radio pedestal, red-faced and hysterical about a war on cops. He would decry and accuse the #BlackLivesMatter movement, or Al Sharpton or Jessie Jackson for harming a hair on America’s heroes. The heroes, by the way, who, despite being union like teachers, are never criticized for their liberal pensions…but I digress.

So this week, in the span of two days Joe Walsh was silent on the deaths of 4 police officers. In one case, in suburban Maryland, one of those cops was shot execution style in a Panera Bread restaurant. In another we heard the tearful reports from colleagues and family as  a police officer died surrounded by loved ones. I actually tuned in to Walsh’s radio pretend theatre to hear him  bemoan and outrage over the loss, by guns of four cops. One officer, a Black cop was apparently shot by a fleeing Black suspect. The officer subsequently died. Yet Walsh was silent. We spent the entire show yesterday avoiding the cop deaths for critical news about something silly Ted Cruz’ wife said in an interview. I can see the urgency, Joe.sanders1

I would hate to think that Joe Walsh didn’t mention the deaths because they would show guns in a bad light, and that he cares more for guns than cops. I would really hate to think that Black cops don’t matter to Joe, or that white men shooting cops doesn’t fit a certain narrative Joe and his cohorts are attempting to proliferate. I hope, Joe, but you can let me know. You have promised to debate me previously on numerous occasions. I’m up. Are you? Any Saturday on my radio show, 11-1 in the afternoon, 312-985-7834. You bring your Black friend, I’ll bring mine. Mike Sanders?


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