See the “creepy” image reflected in the window? Spoiler alert: there is the image of a little girl in this staged family dinner photo. Clearly the creators, competent in Photoshop, are seeking to manipulate people into believing there is some ghostly spirit sitting in the chair who is smart enough to be invisible, but not smart enough that her reflection(?) isn’t visible in the window. And yet, no one responding to this picture ever mentioned photoshop.
I have posted meme’s on injustice, racism, politics, corruption and so much more on Facebook that hardly gets attention, if any. A post about the dangerous law enforcement over reach of house to house searches, forcing people from their homes at gunpoint following the Boston Marathon bombing was widely read on the old Revolution and Beer blog, but the post on Facebook was virtually ignored. Likewise, I have sought to reveal the perverse and cross marketed manipulation of information and news strengthening a growing police state in which we are controlled and directed into “correct” forms of dissent that actually support oppression, or into voting for pre-fab candidates, or what to wear and what to eat and who to love.
The picture above received hundreds of shares and likes. The Facebook posters asked people not to reveal what they had seen, but that they “had seen it.” Every single one of the comments either said “creepy” or “I see it,” as if this was evidence of something other than their own gullibility. And this is what I have been talking about with media. It is part of the reason we built Que4 radio. This is what the media and the government does daily. It creates illusions and fictions to sell you things that are ultimately dangerous to you, your family and your community.  picghost1
The lesson here, as we slide into the most ridiculous, but most marketed realityTV-esque  political campaign in American history, is the reaction of Americans. You are being manipulated and entertained with slights of hand. On my radio show last week I spoke about all the things we have lost; the success of social security which Wall street is pressing politicians to turn over to them, or that one person, like a produce manager at a grocery store, in this country could  once support a family, or the security of clean water, the 40 hour work week, decent health insurance for our families, affordable housing, a government that works for the common citizen and decency have all been shoved aside to the profit of a few. So, we fall in line to the top salesmen, or woman for more pilfering of what we once saw as, well, America… 

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