Winter storm Dantrell is bearing down on the  Great Lakes, and Dantrell is pissed. Dantrell is comin’ straight out of the southside. don’t say nothing about no black ice. Dantrell and the Que4 weather team reminds you that Chicago will be oppressed by far more White snow!…

I’m on the board a community radio station, called Que4. The stations founding principle is to defend diverse voices and to bring them back to the media. These are, after all, the public’s airwaves. As I told a West side youth group,  the airwaves have been stolen from you, we are just giving them back.

As we grow we’ll start adding news and weather. I turned to the weather channel today and if they can name storms with White people names, what about some diversity? So Winter Storm Dantrell is on the way. We are looking also at a feature coming out of the south that might be here Friday called Javier. But we are about positive news as well.

Dantrell isn’t bad, he’s just being characterized that way by the media. Give Dantrell a little respect and he could be a lot of fun. Act the fool and you are likely to end up in a ditch.

Check out Que4 Radio, where we create beauty and defend it at WC Turck’s Helter Skelter can be heard Saturday’s from 11am-1pm.


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