One person one vote. Isn’t that what we were told in school. Our little minds propagandized by the wonders of democracy. I grew up during the Cold war, felated by a constant message about how those godless communists rigged every election. Could all that have been bullsh..? No, they wouldn’t…

Wow, I’ve been active in elections going on 30 years now. I consider myself perhaps better informed than many, which is why I was so taken aback by the avalanche of minutia coming out of the caucus’ and primaries this past month. When have you ever heard so much about super delegates? Hmm, could be an effort to remind those silly young and idealistic Bernie supporters that just because you show up in overwhelming and impassioned numbers to vote doesn’t mean that your candidate will win? Apparently there is a process and it has nothing to do with democracy, transparency or even legality.

So Hillary will be the nominee? We were sold that from the beginning, it was just that Bernie supporters stubbornly cling to the idea that this is a representative republic in which those representatives are democratically elected. But then we are treated to a primary and caucus system where there are no rules, and in which Hillary and her minions can cheat with impunity. Cap that with a media in apparent league with the DNC leadership in which Bernie Sanders couldn’t get coverage if the image of Jesus miraculously appeared on his ass.

What coverage there is from a corporate Left sells the belief constantly that Hillary WILL be the nominee, and once Bernie people get all that other mess from their system they will zombie dutifully over to the Hillary parade. The bigger lesson will be the one in which millions of young people, energized from complacency are now taught that the system feeds itself and that one person one vote, well…who are we kidding?

That bodes dangerous for  a representative republic, with reps chosen democratically. Then again, that might be the point. Perhaps we are seeing the corporations, fronted by their media wings, asserting their hegemony over the people and the electoral process, and most particularly against the one candidate truly and faithfully standing in opposition to full and complete corporate control over or country.

Sapphire Gin contributed to this post…


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