I don’t know, I just like that headline. This piece really isn’t about the Tuesday vote. The pile on of analysis at some point becomes meaningless. Just for fun, Hillary won the popular vote in 2008, but Obama still moved forward to the nomination, based on the strength of the delegates he picked up. McCain walloped Romney, or as 30 Rock’s Jack Donaghy described,

“Romney number 4. They finally worked out all the bugs. He’s no longer killing hookers after midnight.”

No, this piece is about a different bug. That would be the bug up the ass of potential democrat voters.

Yesterday, continuing the same delightful voter ambivalence that gave us a republican congress, Rick Snyder in Michigan, anti-worker Scott Walker, Democrat Rahm Emmanuel and Illinois bankruptcy architect Bruce Rauner, those same “can’t be bothered to vote,” and “voting only perpetuates a bad system,” or even the “voting never changed anything,” crowd is poised to help push the ultimate nuclear political bomb into the White House.

The good news; voting was up almost double digits in many primary states. The bad news is that it was all Republican, and that progressive and liberal turn out remains low. Democrat turn out was down between 20 and 30% in many states, while in Republican races it was up, in some cases as much as 52%. Worst of all, the “I’ll take my toys and go home if my guy/gal doesn’t win,” crowd is setting up an easy win for a likely Trump Republican nominee come November.

If you are one of those people refusing to vote, try this handy advice: You’re an idiot, and that’s a problem. But admitting the problem is the first step. If you feel that way, more than likely you are white and love waving the “Black Lives Matter” banner, while ignoring that thousands of  Blacks were lynched and blown up and shot not just trying to get the vote, but also for voting. If you are just too lazy to get off your ass and vote, well…

Through voter disenfranchisement, such as restrictive voter ID laws, redistricting and mass incarceration, particularly of Black men, Republicans are purposely narrowing the field of potential opposition. Voter fraud proliferated by the Right and FOX News is a myth. Republicans, facilitating the corporate coup on America, benefit from low voter turn out. The DNC, admittedly isn’t much better. But Progressives and Liberals can Trump the idiocy and the establishment by turning out in big numbers.

See what I did there?


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