Donald Trump Trounces Himself in CNN Debate

Donald Trump today, sitting down with Anderson Cooper, cast as the abuse victim to Mr. Trump, bravely defended the assault of a female journalist by his campaign manager. Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was arrested today on battery charges. Trump was quick to side with the muscular and large male employee, implying that the small female reporter was somehow dangerous.

He cited America’s $21 trillion debt, despite that the debt is actually just above $19 trillion, hammering those nasty Chinese, who own a whopping 7% of US debt. A substantial portion of US owned debt, around,59%, incidentally is owned by greedy US states, pension and mutual funds, and individual investors. The US economy is currently running at about $18 trillion annually. China, by comparison has an economy of roughly $10 trillion and a rapidly rising debt currently at $6 trillion.

Trump attacked the greatest threat to American security; NATO, which has helped maintain peace in Europe, and which contributed mightily to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union. Like Cruz’ attack on the UN, Trump ignored that advocating dismantling the UN and NATO and criticizing the  dollar for dollar comparisons between the US and other countries amounts to the fat guy complaining that he had to pay more because he ate more pizza.

Trump broke down his positions on immigration, terrorism and the economy at long last, giving precise details that included the words, “Great,” and “Huge,” and “Amazing.” It is, as many experts have pointed out, difficult to argue with that sort of logic.

Trump revealed he is pro-life, which will come as a shock to Zombies, but not to anyone actually…living. CNN also bravely, in both the Trump and Cruz one on none debates, represented America’s average millionaire cattle farmers, one with 200,000 head of cattle, the other with 5000, or hardscrabble farmers worth between $7 and $250 million dollars each, like the rest of us.

Thank you CNN, for truly representing the common man.




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