Chicago Teachers Union president Karen Lewis in a speech referred to Illinois Bruce Rauner as “the new ISIS recruit,” during a speech at a Chicago Club luncheon Wednesday. “Bruce Rauner is a liar. And, you know, I’ve been reading in the news lately all about these ISIS recruits popping up all over the place — has Homeland Security checked this man out yet? Because the things he’s doing look like acts of terror on poor and working-class people…”I think he’s holding people hostage,” Lewis said of Rauner. “Who does that? You hold people hostage. You hold defenseless children, babies, infants, you hold defenseless mothers who are brand-new, you hold people who are disabled hostage. Because you can’t get something else you want to have, that has nothing to do with a budget? You know, I mean, it’s ideological. That’s terrorism…”

Indignant criticism on the Right and from Rauner was immediate and incensed. Rauner spokeswoman Catherine Kelly said “This kind of rhetoric has no place in American public discourse and sets a terrible example for our kids.”

Rauner said that he would support Donald Trump in a general election. Most often heard by Trump defenders: He’s just saying what other people are thinking. Okay, then. Well played Karen. I guess that makes us even.


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