Probably not the first to introduce the “cadaver formerly known as  Prince” line. Bear with me here. There is a method to this madness. I for one could not be happier about the sudden and unexpected death of pop star legend Prince, but likely not for any of the reasons you might think.

I was having this conversation with a musician friend of mine last night, and mused that Prince had actually outgrown his music. that is, brash and sexy pop and funk is really the domain of  a younger man. that said,  what was left for Prince. Certainly just fading away would be equally sad. Worse yet would be if Prince, out of some desperate attempt to keep his fame or remain “relevant” or recapture old glories sold out. alas, but like Lou Reed, Prince never sold out. fate or death or prescription drugs saved him from that most terrible fate looming over the careers of every cutting edge artist.

And he was, in his time. And now that his time was past what was left to Prince? Take a bow. Would you have preferred he do an album with Michael MacDonald? Maybe he could star in Dorito’s commercials or at 66, balding, with a bad facelift and liver spots and a sequined jumpsuit stretching uncomfortably over a middle aged paunch stage a comeback at beer gardens and county fairs around the country. Prince was here and then Bam he wasn’t. There was no consideration of whether he would make a good spokesperson for Red Lobster, or come on in to Popeye’s Chicken for the all you can eat “When Doves Cry” chicken wings, with a large Purple “Rain” Mountain dew and a side of fries “Kiss”-ed with a special Minneapolis sweet sauce. Maybe he could become boring and irrelevant like Sting, or fat and diabetic like Elton John. Yay. Rock on.

Rock Icons should never really grow old. They should run flat out along life’s razor edge until they crash, a fantasy to those of us who live life a tab too comfortably and standard to those who pick up the Rock baton and run with it.

Here’s to Prince, who lived and loved and danced at the speed of light. He’s gone and leaving a beautiful body in the box with a knowing smile that says life is to be lived and used up to the fullest, and that is just exactly how he lived until yesterday, and that is just awesome.


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