Frankly, I am shocked! The party that has been so stalwart in defending, or at the very least, diverting attention from old white pedophile men, like Denny Hastert, can’t seem to extend the same inclusion to non-criminal transgender people. What gives?

We’ve come to expect so much more consistency from the Right, and thank god they are not acting on emotion in the case of Target’s so-called bathroom policy. Although while significant issues continue to face the nation while new ones loom on the horizon, I for one am inspired to  see grown men so concerned with the bathroom needs of 14 year old girls. Incidentally, don’t try Googling that topic, you’ll get something  way different than what you were searching for.

Still, I understand the passion. Many of these men are probably the ones taking their 14 year old daughters on father daughter Purity Balls and making them sign chastity agreements. Cheaper then locking them away in a bell tower until a good Christian warrior prince charming rides up on a white steed when she is ready to birth proper heirs.  Father-Daughter_Dance

So far 700,000 champions of 14 year old girls have signed a petition denouncing Target for a policy that every retail and restaurant chain has, including Olive Garden, The Gap and that poster store of American capitalism, WalMart(Cue the angels). And by all-American I mean except the 60% of stock at WalMart which comes from China and sweatshops elsewhere. But the workers who must also collect food stamps so that they have the strength to stand at the door and greet shoppers, they are definitely American.

700,000. Guess we are over the TSA pat down hysteria. That’s about the same number of Republicans who voted in the much touted New York presidential primary, and hundreds of thousands more than turned out in Ohio, North Carolina Florida and Missouri. Interesting enough, its only about 1.5% of people who saw the movie Dum and Dumber-er in its first run.

What I don’t get on the Right over the bathroom issue is their sense of entitlement. If Housing, food, clean water, education and healthcare aren’t rights, then going to the bathroom for anyone, anywhere, especially in a privately owned store or restaurant bathroom for free damn sure isn’t a right. Where are all the constitutional originalists decrying all those non-toilet producers “socializing” the property of the toilet producers that nowhere did the founding fathers identify number 1 and number 2 as rights under god almighty?

Don’t turn commie on me now, just cuz ya gotta go. What was it Marx said: From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs? Don’t got the money? Pull out the boot straps you pulled yourself up by and tie something off. Wanna pee? Ya gotta pay, but first you are going to have to show way more than your ID to get past the potty police. TSA lines at bathrooms in every Target in America!Drop-Your-Pants-For-Underwareness-1024x688


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