If you are anything like me, you arrange and rearrange music into all sorts of folders and sub-folders. Some are of individual artists like Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, The Sundays and more. I have a stand up comedy folder, a Happy Music folder and a “That 70’s Folder.” As an activist whom has written quite a lot on the environment I also have my sort of rallying cry folder, which I readily shelter in after listening to some Rightwing scree by man-made climate change deniers.

Finding a comprehensive collection of environmentally oriented music is daunting. I have listened to hundreds of songs and  scoured my own vast and varied music collection. Complicating any short list from a vast number of songs is  a consideration that Climate Change is an international affair. No proper list would be complete or accurate without acknowledging and including those international voices. Sort of why the Miss and Mister Universe competitions fall a bit short considering we still haven’t seen the competition from any of the other 100 billion galaxies in the universe!

I thought that I would share what I feel are the top 20 Environmental songs. Please suggest your favorites. My “Environmental” folder is always in need of something fresh and new. Here are the first 5:

1.  SchoolHouse Rock – Energy Blues. You knew I’d go here.

2. New Tibetan Song 2012.  Please Protect the environment by Tibetan singers. Great beat and easy to dance to. Proving that Tibet does indeed Rock!

3. Face the fire- Dan Fogelberg(original version). An 80’s Classic about anti-Nuclear activism and an anthem for Solar.

4. Navicula – Busur Hujan [Rainbow Warrior]. A great Grunge Rock band from Indonesia. This song is about the sinking of the Greenpeace vessel by French Intelligence Agents.

5. ben harper -black rain. A blistering piece from  an under-rated Artist. This is about the abandonment and  betrayal of poor and minorities after Hurricane Katrina.

Coming up: The next 5 of my Top 20 Environmental  Songs…



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