It really is about the numbers. Susan Sarandon was excoriated in what Liberal press there is in this country (5% of the total) for sardonically hoping that a Trump presidency would bring on the much touted “revolution.” But there will be no revolution, because the non-voting activists banging drums and jumping and screaming in the streets are self-indulgent victims of their own pampered idiocy and manufactured cynicism.

Last month I was ejected from a Trump rally in Chicago. As 4 cops tossed me out the door I emerged to applause from dozens of anti-Trump protesters waiting to get in and voice their disdain for  a Trump candidacy. Back inside the auditorium were hundreds more, Thousands more filled the streets around the building. My thought was that if they all turned that passion into action, a groundswell of activism in the street and at the polls might offset a looming catastrophe for the nation. After yesterday that is looking less and less likely.

Again the numbers are telling, so is the history. Many of those in the crowds at the Trump rally were former Occupy activists. When Rahm’s police unleased a punishment at the NATO protests these so-called activists scowled from the shadows, full of bitch and vinegar but without a shred of production. They didn’t vote. They didn’t even turn out to unseat Rahm simply out of revenge for NATO. They did nothing. They tantrum-ed and cried about Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner, but didn’t turn that into votes. They didn’t show, but now are outraged when teachers are laid off, schools closed, mental health clinics and nonprofits defunded and unions harassed to the benefit of the 1%.

My father always said, opinions are like noses; everybody has one and they all smell. He used a different, much lower part of the body usually, but you get the idea.

Illinois had 7.3 million registered voters in the 2008 primary, 7.6 in 2010. This year 7.28 registered. last month slightly more than 2 million could be bothered to vote on the Progressive side, or about 28%. A million republicans voted. What that illustrates is that your outrage and indignation, your bucket drumming and pithy protest signs don’t mean anything without a follow up in the voting booth.

And one last thing, before I get to the numbers regarding who the likely president will be come this November. I have been hearing for some 30 years as an activist about the great revolution that will replace capitalism by making us all hemp wearing farmers, driving love powered cars and a government in which votes are cast on YouTube by wiggling fingers up or down into our smart phones. It never comes and it never gets any closer. Instead, these deadbeats, usually rich kids waiting for their trust fund to kick in, never engage in their government so successfully that the rest of us are inflicted with a never ending litany of ass clowns and criminals. That laziness gets us a police force that waxes racist and kills or oppresses with impunity. It throws us into wars, and it deepens the shadows that breeds corruption. It guarantees schools will close and the environment will suffer, that the poor will be ignored, the mentally ill criminalized and  that the nation’s working class will be economically sodomized by bad trade deals like NAFTA and TPP.

So now, back to the numbers, and they are stark.   First, Trump puts a number of key states that went to Dems in 2012 into play, such as New Mexico, Nevada, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, Ohio and Florida. It takes two hundred and 270 electoral votes to win. With 9 state primaries and the District of Columbia still to go, democrats managed 22 million votes over the Republicans 18 million That is out of 219 million eligible nationally and 146 million actually registered to vote. In other words, about 26% of eligible Americans could be bothered to vote, or 35% of registered voters, if you are an optimist like me.

Back to the swing states. They represent 90 electoral votes, and all of those states were Blue in 2012, but with only around a 10% margin. That is, they were nominally blue. The numbers and polls in the primaries indicate a Republican, or Trump win. Counting the states that went to the republican candidate and which are solidly and historically red states, that’s 208. That gives a total of 298 electoral votes to Trump or the Republican candidate in November unless something truly revolutionary takes place. Unfortunately, after 30 years of working and protesting and writing and voting I haven’t seen it yet.

Maybe the Left isn’t about activism and change, but about eternally board brats who would have nothing to do if  a potentate wasn’t their antagonistic sovereign. Please prove me wrong this November.


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