It really is about the constitution and the rights of minorities, which the Right calls a tyranny. It is also about no small amount of hypocrisy over the national crisis of toilets. Now the Feds and school districts are drawn into a manufactured issue. I’ll get to that in just a moment.

Funny that those who eschew any overreach by the government, and who openly call for reducing an over bloated Federal government are now leading us down a path whose only possible conclusion means soon that we must all show our birth certificate to a TSA agent at every bathroom door. I guess that will keep Ted Cruz and Barack Obama from ever urinating again. Don’t forget to arrive early for the bathroom, just like the airport. Expect long lines and gender “verification” by TSA agents with rubber gloves, if there is any question at all.

And then there is species non-specific, Dan Proft, gushing over nosey suburban Tea Party mom turned toilet crusader and fail state senate candidate, Cedra Crenshaw. In their radio cocktail chat it was quickly obvious why Proft couldn’t get elected in a fake run for governor and why Crenshaw was rebuffed by voters in the 43rd district. Fundamental to the argument in the transgender issue are constitutional protections to minorities. Both Proft and Crenshaw agreed the nation is being compelled through the stormtrooper power of the Federal government to capitulate to the rights of a minority. This is about civil rights, regardless of anyone’s opinion of the issue.

Civil rights law IS about minorities. The Right, including Proft and Crenshaw would have us accept that the definition of minority applies to their narrow interpretation of the word. They have targeted with pure political opportunism an innocent group of people simply desiring to define themselves as they see themselves. Isn’t that a cornerstone of the “freedom” word Proft and the Right energetically fellate? There are no transgender crime waves, no terror waves by transgenders yelling “Androgyny u ahkbar!” Who’s that? It’s Pat, and he/she has a gun!

Before I get to the schools, did you know that about one in 250,000 pregnancies experience some degree of Hermaphroditism? About one percent of live births see some level of sexual ambiguity, and between a tenth and 2 tenths are serious enough to require special medical attention. That number may be far higher for those who exhibit a full spectrum of the condition, from the overtly observable to the virtually undetectable. It runs the gamut from the physical to the psychological as well. It was rendered as a Greek goddess. 800px-Hermaphroditus_lady_lever

Hermaphroditism is fairly common throughout the animal kingdom. Taking into account the number of Republicans that promoted the war in Iraq and those who actually participated in it, or the number of Tea Partiers who need a weapon to order a Latte at Starbucks,  some level of sexual ambiguity must also be fairly common there as well.

hqdefaultCedra Crenshaw, who apparently has learned how to drain money from duped Republican voters over manufactured issues, like the transgender invasion of our bathrooms( build that wall, Mr. Trump) runs some nebulous group called Protect families; Preserve Children. On her Facebook page she cites Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964( and 1991, and the Lily Ledbetter act of 2009) claiming that Transgenders are not a protected class. Mm, pretty sure that falls under “sex” and “Gender” in that act, er, law. I might remind Crenshaw that Blacks, before 1964, also not a protected class. Neither were closeted self-hating republican homosexual talk show hosts. Let’s pick and choose our own protected minority.

The Right is now inflicting children and schools with the sum of the Right’s ignorance, and political opportunism paraded as righteousness, in what essentially is a shiny key issue amid a presidential campaign. That has been a regular tactic to divert real issues, like economic reforms and justice, the environment, war to non-critical, even nominally peripheral emotive issues like abortion and who might  peeing in your general vicinity. In a recent ABC piece in Chicago Crenshaw was quoted at saying that schools “are not the right place, they are the wrong place for social experiments.”

Hardly a social experiment, this is about social and legal accommodation The fight, promoted by Republicans in the no-holds-barred perversion of the Trump era have opted to drawn the frontline in social incubators, i.e., schools, where we all of us who are nominally socially mature learned the importance of getting along with others. That’s why home schooling is so attractive on the Right. It’s their attempt at corralling the negative social views of the parents into some sort of cult-like focus and indoctrination.

Monumentally stupid was the remark Crenshaw made and Proft tacitly agreed with was that they both were outraged that the Federal government was threatening to withhold federal taxpayer generated funds from school districts enforcing or enacting discriminatory rules through obtuse and foolishly fraudulent arguments that adult men will be showing with your daughter in junior high. The Right, especially Proft is responsible for constant attacks on public schools and teachers. They regularly decry the theft by the government on any federal income tax as a sort of theft, or socialist redistribution of wealth, and now they are demanding money from the Federal government? They constantly exalt the refrain of getting government out of our lives, but now want it in our bathrooms and down our pants. Hypocrisy, thy name is  Republican.alg-snl-tsa-jpg








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