Oh, our little Hillary. It seems like only yesterday the DNC and the DNC liberals were calming us down with assurances that Bernie Sanders helped to drive some of her positions further to the Left. Now our adorable little “This-office-is-mine,” assumptive candidate seems to have driven her party bus back across the highway to the Right over coal.  Thanks, Donny Trump! Well played. Now we can see that Hillary wouldn’t be more Bernie-like in office, but far more like the corporatist shill the current office holder turned out to be.

Never mind a few gay friendly edicts, or token tosses to women over fair pay. Obama simply sparked a fight at the state level over gays, choice issues and fair pay-that is if a woman can find a proper non-service related job. Those supposed gains will all be reversed on the state level.

Meanwhile, after what largely was a backdoor revenue boost to companies and a backdoor subsidy for insurance companies, Obamacare garnered less energy and fight from Obama than the sovereignty crushing Trans Pacific Partnership, TPP. The XL Keystone pipeline, turns out, seems to have been a distraction, sucking up the true Left’s energies and attention, while trans-Canada and American crude oil pipelines went forward virtually un-reported. Obama canceled XL, like a chess master sacrificing a rook. And guns! Obama, it turns out, with meaningless rhetoric timed suspiciously close to every sales quarter, became America’s top gun salesmen, playing straight man to the NRA and hysterical(And the Oscar goes to…) Right wing media. Hillary was either silent or compliant with it all.

In march, at a televised CNN town hall Hillary Clinton remarked that “We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” The remark caused an uproar in West Virginia, in particular, and ultimately help to cause her the WV primary. Trump quickly seized on the comment, while Sanders remained strategically silent. When confronted, Mrs. Clinton, showing an over-abundance of her usual transparency and honesty, back-peddled faster than a unicyclist at a cliff’s edge, “It was a misstatement because what I was saying is the way things are going now, they will continue to lose jobs. It didn’t mean that we were going to do it. What I said is that is going to happen unless we take action to help and prevent it.”

Coal as a national economic stream is all but finished. Companies are going belly up, and that is what is killing coal communities, not stupid comments from Hillary. From an electoral point of view, there wasn’t a snowball’s chance she would take WV, Kentucky or Tennessee in the general election. This is more the grudge match with Bernie and with her own PR. But in all of this she has shown her true colors.

Hillary is a corporatist and sides both with polluters, like the coal industry, and with a policy to pour billions of Dollars annually into the failing coal industry. between 2002 and 2008 Fossil fuel subsidies from the Federal government stood at better than $72 billion, much of that to oil companies who saw, together, $150 billion in profits(but $4 billion to poor families in food stamps we can’t afford). By contrast, renewables saw only $29 billion, but with a much faster growth rate, in subsidies.

Trump bullied Hillary in West Virginia and she swung hard Right. We can only wonder how much farther she’ll swing when Trump and the media pile on in the general. It’s in her nature to pivot and equivocate and sell out better than half the nation, including all those Progressive, pro-environment Dems for any chance for her self-aggrandizement. She is a Rightie in Lefty clothing and will satisfy her own interests first and then, as Obama did, bow to money and wealth, the nation and progressives, the environment be damned.


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