So, the problem really is the media, summing up. Sid Yiddish hates when I throw out the generic word “media.” I can hear him saying, well, which media? Truth is they are all the problem, even the so-called Liberal Press I gravitate to. As a writer, author and playwright I place myself far above print journalists, but purely for pompous and egomaniacal reasons.

The famously unrecognizable and posthumously unavailable Yugoslav writer, Danila Kish, remarked in his book, “Homo Poeticus,”which likely couldn’t pass a North Carolina bathroom inspection,  wrote that “Cheap psychology generates cheap solutions; the writer turns iconophile or iconoclast (either will do) in the framework of existing social plexi: church, nation, ideology or the occult.”

Indeed reporting, like any form of writing should always be an assault, or at the very least a rebellion against convention of all sorts. Hemingway flirted with communism and the worker and socialism amid the horror of the Spanish Civil War. That offense today would get him banned even on NPR, or  The Nation or Huffington Post or any of the other arguably liberal media. There was danger and audacity in what men like Hemingway wrote, or Charles Bukowski, John Berryman, Edward R. Murrow or Danilo Kish.

In a word writers today, like the banal and obtuse and narrow-minded media they wallow in, are, well, shit. Where is the danger? Writing should feel like suicide. Where is the call to arms against true  oppression; that which attempts to narrow the boundaries of human freedom, instead of expanding it to encompass and embrace the greatest number of people? So I say, “To arms!” Fear not the revolution in service of your fellow human being, fear the revolution that affirms a system, or worse yet, the status quo. That truly headstones the death of the soul.


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