What sucks is that I do not lead an unhealthy lifestyle. I don’t drink heavily, never smoked or did drugs. I try to exercise  regularly. Genes and stress. And it all happened suddenly. 3 years ago I was benching 300 pounds and biking up to 150 miles a week-100 average. A bad winter with several months of less activity and an extreme period of stress and my health collapsed. Two years ago this month I ended up in the hospital with blood pressure so I a doctor told me “The last time I saw blood pressure this high, I put a tag on the guy’s toe. Lucky for you, you have the constitution of a rhinoceros!” 
Stress will kill you, and America is constructing a system of stress that is deadly to its people. Work is important, but work for fear is slavery. Value for things is beneficial but can become a trap when the value of things necessary for life exceeds or strains the capacity for many to attain.
Life is ultimately unfair, that is true, but what is not true is that a basic humane quality of life should be a privilege or a reward. A system that structures itself on inhumanity is in human. Funny that science fiction writers fear a day when robots take over and threaten our existence, or worse our capacity to love and care for one another. But a certain type of robot has already made slaves of us all, it is called unrestrained capitalism.
This, however is not a scree against capitalism. This is not another replacement theory, or an argument of one over the other. It is about conscience and humanity. Capitalism is as old as society and economy. Socialism is as old as capitalism. For most of human history they coexisted as coefficients of one another. The industrial age, the rise of money over community, as well as a century of communistic oligarchy versus greed capitalism and nationalism drove a wedge between those two historic coefficients, cleaving our socialist conscience from the marketplace economics socialism once helped temper.
The economy is not  a single raging river, discarding the unlucky in favor of the strong and privileged few. The economy is multiple streams which accounts for and supports the complexity of life, and which protects and upholds the maintenance of society. It is society which gives economy life, value and purpose, not the other way around. Economy is a unit of measure, not a measure of humanity. It should be our tool rather than our religion.
Stress is indeed a component of our lives. I survived a period of extreme stress through love, family and perseverance, and above all perspective. The money, property, the stuff gets thrown away ultimately. When we are gone bits and pieces are parceled off to this person or that, sold off to second hand stores or junk shops and most just gets thrown out. With each year less and less remains until it is all gone-garbage. What remains is exactly what the Beatles said in a song, “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love make.” 

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