Not so fast. The narrative on the violence at the Trump rally in San Jose last night is that once again anti-Trump protesters are violent. Social media reports also have pro-Trump agent provocateurs as well. There is a media narrative here to paint Trump as victim and those defining liberty FOR ALL as oppressors, but the fight is the fight. Trump is dangerous. Trump will herald in the ruin and destruction of this nation unimaginable, and only dreamed of by the likes of Osama bin Laden and ISIS. Standing your ground in refusing to tolerate the anti-immigrant, homo and transphobic, racist and reactionary rhetoric of Trump. Protest is never peaceful. It must always carry the specter of resistance in the face of oppression and reactionary forces antithetical to true human equity and justice. But resistance by, as Malcolm X decried, “By any means necessary,” is only part of the effort. I was part of the effort to shutdown the Chicago Trump rally and was forcibly expelled from that rally. On November 7th I shall vote as well. He must be stopped on the street and at the ballot box. Peaceful protest if you can, but peaceful protest in an of its self is not a protest but a parade, and parades are for clowns and children, not for structural and institutional change. The man who tells you that protest should be peaceful is a moral and intellectual and physical coward, or may be wielding the truncheon above you. Likely he is also the impediment to you reaching the ballot box to complete the circuit of democracy. Impediments must be moved, again as brother Malcolm said, “By any means necessary!


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