By Kit Cabello, Co-Founder of Veracity In Defiance, reporting for Helter Skelter..

It has taken me some time to compose my thoughts on the disaster that happened inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.  We have seen this story before and it is sadly becoming common in the United States in which again a mass shooting happens and human lives are lost. As always after the shooting the same routine happens as well. The media will cover the shooting with police and first responders on the scene, then trying to find out who the shooter was and their motivation and whether they fit a certain profile, the victims will be shown, and then finally the politicians will talk and no action will be taken.  The weapon that was used was the MCX semi-automatic rifle which is relative of the AR-15 who is in turn a civilian version of the M-16 A2/A4 carbine that is used by our military. Let’s take a minute to digest this fact that a civilian version of a military weapon was available for purchase and there was nothing in the way for the shooter to not buy that weapon.  I know what that weapon can do as I am former Marine veteran that did two tours in Iraq.
My four years of service to the Marine Corps I trained with the M-16 A2, M-16 A4, and M-4 Carbine. The primary purpose of these weapons is to lay down suppressive fire to halt the enemy and kill them. These weapons are designed for combat and in combat these weapons kill people. The fact that there is a civilian version of these weapons out there ready for purchase should put a cold sweat down anyone’s spine. Yet my concern is drowned out by gun lobbyists and “Constitutional Scholars” that defend the Second Amendment. The old talking point is always used that the right to own firearms should be not infringed. I would like state again that an assault rifle like the MCX semi-automatic rifle that was used in the Orlando shooting is designed to kill people. There is no real professional hunter that uses that weapon. In my opinion a person that needs this type of weapon is delusional, it is a war weapon. If a person needs a weapon like that for home defense then there are couple of things a wrong with that person be it they owe money to a criminal organization, live in a deranged fantasy in which they fight the government, or they are trying to compensate for something that they lack. I am not trying to be funny here as mass shootings are becoming more and more rampant. What is sickening is that we as nation are growing used to this, as if it is to be expected or each of us thinking that we won’t be in a scenario that happened in Orlando. The fact is that in all the shootings that have happened before and in the ones yet to come is that we are all the victims. We are victims of an inept corrupt system that our elected officials refuse to change.
As a former Marine I am disgusted by this current Congress that has never once offered anything to stop these shootings save for only tweeting that the victims are in their prayers. The fact that our elected officials in the Senate and House go on social media to make statements about this tragedy should enrage the American populace. It should be noted that last week Democratic officials have walked out on House moment of silence for the victims and even held the Senate floor in order to address the countless mass shootings. Unfortunately, it is too little too late because on Monday June 22 2016 there will be a vote on addressing gun regulations and I fear nothing will be accomplish. I say nothing will be accomplished because of the one issue that has crippled our democracy which is money in politics. This is important to cover because our current Congress is constantly influenced by lobbyists, Wall Street, corporations, and the banks. Those special interest groups give our elected officials money and our elected officials do what the special interests say and want. The average American citizen has no say in our system because of the vast amount of money being given to this current Congress by the special interests groups. That’s why when more Americans want there to be sensible gun regulations to happen, those regulations will be stopped by one of the most influential lobbyist groups in Washington D.C., the NRA.
The National Rifle Association at this current point has given a large amounts of money to elected officials, which despite what is said by the media that money greatly affects their decision on legislations. The NRA has a huge hold on the Republican and Democratic parties which in turn stops them from voting on bills that calls for gun regulation. It is the money from the NRA and other special interest groups that allows this current Congress to remain in power not the voters. There are of course civilians who support the NRA, but let’s take into account what the NRA is selling that regular people buy up which is self-defense. I have to ask though self-defense from whom? What is being sold is a fantasy, a robber always entering your house or that a regular civilian can take on a government that has access to heavy military hardware. It is madness to live in that amount of paranoia and in regards to our own military no rag tag militia can fight it and live. I am not saying all guns should be banned, but with the vast amount of weapons available to anyone there must be accountability.
In the countless shootings that have taken place all the shooters have also shown signs of mental illness, which in this country is ignored or not treated due to our healthcare being the worst in the industrialized world. Access to buy weapons and people with mental instability is a terrible combination and when a shooting does happen the NRA and their politicians say what can stop them is a good guy with a gun. What a nightmare that is, everyone with a gun paranoid that the person next them is a shooter or wants to cause harm. That is not healthy, that is not right, and it is wrong. With that being said let me quote from comments from former Chief Justice Warren Burger who argued that the Second Amendment is: “the subject of one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American public by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime….The NRA has misled the American people and they, I regret to say, have had far too much influence in Congress of the United States than as a citizen I would like to see-and I am a gun man. The very language of the Second Amendment refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon…Surely the Second Amendment does not remotely guarantee every person the constitutional right to have a ‘Saturday Night Special’ or a machine gun without any regulation whatever. There is no support in the Constitution for the argument that Federal and State governments are powerless to regulate the purchase of such firearms”
So, how do we as a nation and people stop this madness as I fear that Monday’s vote in Congress for the four gun regulation bills will go nowhere. It is very clear that we cannot rely on the support of our old legislators that wear expensive suits and that can be easily bought like common whores by special interests. There have been too many shootings, too many deaths, and not enough action. If there is to be social change then we the people must get involved. It is our social responsibility to make the change that we want because our current Congress will never do it. We cannot afford to wait for them anymore and a new Congress must be made. As I was writing this article I was trying to find ways in which I could inspire people to make a difference and in the end help was given. It came from none other than Bernie Sanders who in a live speech on the internet told his followers to get involved in the political process. If there is to be a change then we as citizens must take up the mantle in any way or form. We must fight back, but we must use the democratic process so that all of our people can finally live their own lives in peace. We must fight back against the special interests as well by calling for an amendment to get money out of politics, Wolf-PAC is one such organization and I am proud to say I am an active member of this social movement. It is now more than ever that the American citizen becomes active in our country for if we don’t there will be more shootings, more talking by inept leaders, no action on gun regulation, and in the end the violence will consume us all.


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