Never argue with an idiot, but sometimes its a hoot putting one in his place. Dan Proft, editor of fictions at AM560 in Chicago relies that you’ll never do a little simple research beyond the regurgitated and crafted Right wing fictions. On his radio show he mocked those who prefer common sense gun legislation as not having any empirical data. He cited a comparison study with disjointed statistics as proof positive we need guns; The classic rightwing if A + B = C, then Apples + oranges = Guns are Good. Well, I did the research, following Columbine (Ah the innocent good ole days). I am just so thrilled that I get to use it again!

Gun Regulations do not stoop gun crime.

Dead cops do tell tales!

Tracking gun homicides of police officers from 1913, according to the FBI, showed that gun deaths jumped by 40% following the end of World War I with the introduction of automatic weapons, particularly the Thompson “Tommy” sub-machine gun to America. Bonnie and Clyde used, among others, a military-style Browning automatic rifle. They refitted several B.A.R.s, one with a custom 57 round clip.

There were 166 killed in 1918, 216 killed in 1919. Throughout the 1920s that number remained in the mid to high 200s, peaking to 304 in 1930. Adjusted for today’s nearly tripled population, that would have been 1000 murdered officers.

The gun homicide numbers for cops remained high, until legislation was enacted in 1934 and 1938, in which the death rates fell by nearly half. For example, there were 240 deaths in 1934, 221 in 1935 following the first legislation, and 122 when the second bill became law in 1939. Dipping slightly during the World War II, the rates remained constant until stiffer national gun legislation was enacted again in 1968. While overall deaths were up, gun deaths were lower. Here, it is critical also to account for overall population increases, which only makes the case against proliferation stronger.

Each legislation has seen either a decline or leveling of gun violence, particularly against our law enforcement officials. Despite efforts by the NRA and gun lobby to erode legislation, the overall murder rate in the US has declined year over year. However, in 2014, with gun sales at an all-time high in the US, and far more on our streets that ever, the number of cops killed by guns was up 56%. Why?

Stolen guns only account for 10-15% of illegal guns used in crime. It’s an inefficient and timely way to get a gun. According to the ATF, the FBI and Chicago Police, the vast majority of guns come through Straw Purchases. That is, someone purchases the gun legally and gives or sells it to a criminal. The next biggest is by legally licensed but corrupt at-home and commercial gun dealers, so-called Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs). The NRA and gun lobby has resisted efforts to legislate reporting of lost or “stolen” weapons. If I sell to a criminal and that gun is used later in a crime, I can at the moment police question me declare the gun was stolen.

That’s it.


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