Euro Toast: It’s What’s for Breakfast

You know if Trump is for it there is a scam of some sorts in the works. This one is right under our noses and it hasn’t begun to stink all that bad, but it will. Mark these words. As the saying sort of goes, there’s something rotten in Denmark, er, England.

First a bit of reality. The Dow dropped 600 points on news Great Britain would leave the European Union, EU. Doom and gloom. There goes your 401k. But fear not for the truly rich and powerful, today’s overall Dow Jones market loss was roughly about $40 billion, a relative Starbucks venti cup in the market. If you were worried about hedge fund guys and wealthy traders, its okay, they’re leveraged and buffered. You, hoping to retire from your office job 45 minutes early, cuz you been packing it away in the 401k, or for you veterans and taxpayers, well, your screwed, SHINY KEYS! SHINY KEYS!

The Right wing is selling this as some sort of populist uprising, a referendum on immigration and anti-Obama policies, big government and Muslims. In this country Tea party  national drunk drivers like ex Rep. Joe Walsh herald the outcome of the vote as an international referendum on Trump. They jumped to that conclusion even before the vote and after the driver of all this revealed that he had no plan  at the back end of the vote. Market experts, political leaders and economists all day have simply shrugged their shoulders. They universally describe this event as uncharted waters.

That’s all relatively low level stuff. The big picture is far more sinister…at least in my humble, humble.

There is a longer view here. At one level is, as we’ve seen with companies in this country and with nations like Greece and a number of other southern and eastern European nations, the manufactured dissolution by mammoth financial powers. Perhaps we will see an attack on the nations and companies of Europe who obstinately protect public services from corporate takeover. That process has already begun in earnest in the US. Schneider in Michigan, Walker in Wisconsin and Rauner in Illinois all seek to exploit hyper-exaggerated issues, like pensions and unions (a paltry 4-7% of the overall domestic workforce) to drive privatization through bankruptcy and manufactured crisis. Kansas slashed public programs in favor of tax cuts and subsidies to companies and the wealthy only to find itself borrowing to cover a $900 million shortfall.

The rise of the international corporation is at hand, sold to you as democracy and populism, paraded as ISIS terrorism and Ebola scares.. The goal, to wrest control of the reigns of power, but more importantly the truth wealth of the planet which is locked up in government through taxation, programs like social security, education, the power of the courts and defense. Control the access to taxation, the courts and the media and you have essentially enslaved a planet to the financial benefit of a few very wealthy and powerful.

A friend with connections to the Mob, who passed away some years ago, made a cryptic remark to me on September 11 2001. He said, that the real criminals are the ones capable of passing laws that suit their interests. That’s big money. He was right.

Think I’m wrong? If you are reading this in Dubai or Uganda, or Saigon and you got the Starbucks reference, think back 10 years and ask yourself if you would have gotten it then.  Bottom line, Brexit is not at all about the will of the people, but about the profits and power of a few people. The media would have you watching a room full of balls to keep your eye off the one that matters. I, for one, am not fooled.


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