So the Muslim Reformation? Hmm. I’m curious. I hear both the Left and Right posture about the need for  a reformation in Islam. If it was happening now, would we, particularly in the West, recognize it? I mean if, say, tens or hundreds of millions of Muslims were incrementally or cautiously asserting pressure to realize the sort of Islam more compatible with their morality and ethics in an increasingly integrated world driving compromise in all things, would that be something that was imposed upon them? What would that look like, apart from  a violent conflagration to satisfy Western bigotries and biases? Or would that change take time, perhaps decades or longer?

The comparison is always made with the miraculous ascension of Christianity from its reformation. Most Christians don’t understand what the reformation was. it certainly was NOT an enlightenment! If it had been there never would have been the Balkan Wars, the genocide of indigenous Americans, the Filipino’s in the 19th Century, the genocides and enslavements of the colonial powers in Asia, India and Africa, a Bosnia or a Chechnya. There would have been no need for Gandhi, Mandela of MLK jr. It was a gruesomely bloody affair, with war, torture, rape, atrocities, witch trials, mass starvation on a global scale in which virtually no one had rights but a few nobles. Millions. Millions died.

Whenever I hear the family Research Council, Ted Cruz, the Westborough Baptist Church or Mike Huckabee speak I think that Christianity, the apart from distractive illusions of fast cars, suits and flashy TV shows, has a very long way to go, and needs to shut up about reforming Islam and clean up its own house a bit. they both need to reform. It’s like a bad marriage in which both spouses are deeply dysfunctional. Encouraging one while ignoring the other isn’t a solution it is, rather, a team sport.


2 thoughts on “Fun with Islamic Reformation.

  1. There’s also a long history of the underground church, with its circles of Waldensians and the like. Some of it surfaced as the Anabaptists at the time of the Protestant Reformation — giving us Mennonites, Quakers, Amish, the Brethren.
    Perhaps an Islamic reformation will emerge something like this, likely nurtured by mothers teaching their sons.


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