If you stand at the ledge, how much farther will you allow yourself to retreat of be pushed?

Protests continue unabated nationwide the latest in a long list of police involved shootings of Black men,  after a Dallas shooting that left 5 police officers dead. Too many Americans believe they should have ended after Dallas, and that protesters should all but renounce their outrage at glaring unresolved injustices. Instead a community redoubled its efforts. Police should join them. The reasons for Dallas-fetishized gun proliferation, systemic racism, the exertion of centralized wealth/power against poor and minorities and predatory capitalism decimating marginal communities to maximize obscene profits-are costing lives on both sides of the shield.

Non-violent protest is a myth. what decides the line between violent protest and non-violent protest in the struggle for justice in the cause of protecting basic human rights, not so-called civil rights, is the freedom fighter’s proximity to that proverbial ledge. Violence, while a last resort, must always be part of the negotiation should the oppressor chose the path of further oppression, imperiling basic human rights and dignity or employing violence to perpetuate their injustice and oppression. Anything less is a parade, and parades are for clowns and children!


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