It is a dodge. It is a lawyers trick, shiny keys, a distraction from the real issue. Keep your eye on the ball. When discussing the issue of police shootings of Black brothers and sisters, bringing up so-called black on black crime is the same as if I push you to the ground breaking your nose, and when you complain I tell you that your shoe laces are undone.

Yes! Outrage against police violence. They are SUPPOSE to be the good guys and girls. They are SUPPOSED to represent the law. Those who point to black on black crime to divert their argument in reality are equating police with criminals. If that is the case than we should treat police as criminals. In that regard, as the NRA and Rightwing radio refrains constantly, you should do anything to protect you and your family, or the innocent.

So, America, is that the conversation? Are we sure we want to make the argument of black on black crime in comparison with police? If so, America is merely a nation of competing criminals, not a nation of laws, in which the police serve and protect. If the police are criminals, like those who perpetrate so-called black on black crime, then we should treat them as such.

Is that your best argument to the deaths of Sandra Bland, Walter Scott, Rekia Boyd, Ralkina Jones, Philando Castile, and many others that the police responsible for their deaths are the same as some thug on a street corner?


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