If it was a narcotic there would be raids and arrests, and commercials saying something like, “This is your brain on Pokémon.”

I am referring to the latest app that apparently has revealed the true zombie terror, millions of idiots chasing a virtual cartoon into traffic, into robberies and sooner or later into a grave. Hoping for a better world? Here is your future. Two of these idiots were at a suburban mall this morning, completely divorced from reality and thoroughly hypnotized by their phone/game.

Unlike Zombies, these creatures can not only vote, but reproduce and drive a car. but silliness aside, there is a far more insidious aspect to this trend. Apart from the scary prospect these marketing robots will vote for whomever they are told to one has to wonder the data being collected as all of the information about these Manchurian consumers and what marketers and governments will do with what is A) a mind/social control experiment, and B) how to trip such emotional and mental triggers for all sorts of nefarious reasons.

Could it be used, for example, to pacify a population? Could it be used to trigger a so-called army to attack a protest movement, or a political rally or a candidate? if people can be flipped on and off with a trigger such as a simple game, are their news and information triggers? Are their triggers to compel a vote, or to discourage a vote?

Madison Avenue and the government long ago abandoned the art of persuasion for the science of manipulation. If you don’t see it you are naïve, but make no mistake, someone is looking for a trigger to persuade you to something; Sex, a product, a candidate and more.


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