Taxpayer Sheep.

Millions of people have spoken loudly regarding blacklivesmatter, shoot first tactics by police, endemic racism and police militarism, but the reaction of the police is not one of a public servant to those who pay their salaries and their pensions, instead it is one of disdain, disrespect and pure insult.

The people have demanded accountability.

The police say no.

The people demanded a conversation on race and policing in America.

The police say no.

The people demanded body cameras.

The police saying no.

The people said we are not sheep and the police are not our Shepherds and to that the police saying no, we are your Shepherds. You are sheep.

The Police say: You will give us your taxes and you will do what we say. You will comply and you will not question or you will be killed. If you attempt to hold us accountable for the jobs we do, or to be a witness against us we will destroy you will destroy your life. We will find your family we will make them pay as well. We will not be held accountable. You will do what we say. And then when we demand more money you will give it to us, not like teachers, plumbers or other public workers. We are separate. We are a protected class. We are police. WE ARE THE LAW.

Many in this country talk about freedom. You have no freedom if we do not allow you to have it, and you will not have it if you question us or you photograph of us or ask accountability. We will steal your freedom. We will manipulate law, will manipulate courts You will comply or you will pay with your life. We are the police. We are not yoor public servants. WE ARE YOUR MASTERS!


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