How to Deal with Rats

My cat caught another rat today. Chicago once had a rat abatement program. Then Mayor 1% thought it was more important to take care of rich friends than to have a functional healthy City. According to the neighbors and by my count including three he brought home and left on the patio, one that he chased it down and killed in the alley like a scene out of a nature program that makes seven that he killed this week. If they are dumb enough to try and get in the yard, my cats will dispatch them quickly. That is, by the way, 7 more than Rahm Emanuel managed to deal with as rats now seem to rule the city. In fact, we are thinking of having my cat run for mayor. My cat isn’t racist, anti-immigrant or homophobic. He won’t turn his back on the homeless, or raise taxes rather than curb corruption. He won’t put up speed light cameras or shut down mental health clinics. He won’t put up luxury high-rises on the lakefront with millions of dollars of tax breaks for billionaire Developer friends while cutting funding for education and schools. My cat catches rats which, ironically, is exactly what we need in City Hall.


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