Newt Gingrich and Donald Trump released a statement following the baton Rouge shooting in which 3 police officers were slain by a gunman. The statement mirrored the one Gingrich offered to FOX News earlier this week, in which he advocated for testing all Americans of Muslim faith prior to deporting them.

“Maybe we should also give Blacks a test,” Gingrich said, “and if they believe in Black Lives Matter, Black Power or do not look and talk like Lester Holt that they should be deported.”

Donald Trump, when asked about Gingrich’s comments simply replied, “Whew, I chose the right guy for VP. Gingrich even makes Mike Pence seem moderate, and he makes me sound reasonable and well thought out!”trump walk

Gingrich could not immediately be contacted for clarification of his statements, which no doubt were taken out of context. However, it is beginning to be clear that Republicans and the so-called Tea Party want everyone out of America who doesn’t look, talk, think and bow exactly like them, meaning that all those remaining after deportations  are completed would each get their own state. They also would remove any other colors from the flag except for white.

It should be noted however, that Gingrich ended the full statement with “…today Poland, tomorrow the world…”


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