I have been privileged to help inspire a number of initiatives. During the Occupy movement I wrote and produced a play titled “Occupy My Heart: A Revolutionary Christmas carol.” The play  drew national attention, critical acclaim and helped changed the  media narrative at a critical time. The actors, dedicated, passionate and brilliant all were energized in new creative endeavors. It was a moment in time in which talent and inspiration coalesced for a moment, then spun away in a number of powerful endeavors.

Three years ago I helped launch a new indie radio station, Que4 Radio to become Chicago’s fastest growing hip hop and talk station, quadrupling year over year listenership. the station now sports the most diverse lineup in America, and offers better than 60 hours of original programming, with a focus on local artists and local news.

6 months ago a friend and cohost of my former radio show, Darren Marshall, happened upon a group of Bernie Sanders canvassers returning from the Iowa primaries. Among them, Dan Luepker, a young millennial, whom, after a short conversation,  struck me as one of the most astute political analysts I’d had the occasion to meet. Dan was tight with a Southside kid named Maurice Randle and a former Marine and Iraq war vet, Kit Cabello. in short order the trio became  staple of my program, as well as Darren’s show (News What News, Tuesdays 5-7pm on Que4 radio in Chicago ). They would go on,within just a few weeks,to create Veracity in Defiance, a bold new effort in non-corporate, investigative journalism and independent media.

I take no credit in starting ViD, only in supporting an effort in the critical need to create and promote independent media. That media, I have long held, must champion all of America’s civil liberties (Not just the 2nd amendment), and help to foster the greatest possible expression of liberty possible. That is precisely what ViD stands for.veracity

In just a month the ViD team has interview jimmy Buffet, set up and impressive studio to become Chicago’s version of The Young Turks, and is preparing for major interviews with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein, and Libertarian Party candidates. Later this month the team will travel to the Democratic national Convention. They are just getting started.

Watch these guys. They are passionate and committed and hardly content to simply report the news. Give them a chance and they will make headlines by exposing corruption and fighting for those who don’t have a voice. Check out Veracity in Defiance on Facebook, and if you have a scandal, are an insider needing to blow the whistle on corruption and want to blow the lid on corruption and power in Chicago, these are the guys.


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