For those who have read my blog before, you will likely find me far to the left. So far, in fact, I am frequently out here in the wilderness alone, shouting just to be heard. Democrat flag waivers and ideologues ignore me as a rabble rouser, a trouble maker and yes, too Liberal. And while it is true that I think a President Trump would be catastrophic for the nation, and I revel in taking rhetorical shots at our first emerging dictator, I take huge exception to the Left’s treatment of his immigrant wife, Melania Trump.

Fine, if she is an idiot, call her out on actual, demonstrable idiocy. I’m not saying that she is. I really don’t pay attention to anything she has to say, but if you are criticizing someone, do it on merit, not on these cheap racist and bigoted swipes.

Whoa, wait, did I just call the Leftist media racist and bigoted? First, I am not a team player when it comes to politics. I am an individual who refuses to simply go with the proverbial flow. Second, like the Rightwing media, there isn’t much in the way of true diversity on the Left, particularly in the democrat party-Obama notwithstanding. That doesn’t make one party or the other better or worse in that regard. It just means our politics mirrors our nation.

So this morning I awaken to Stephanie Miller and others on the Left making fun of Melania Trump following her speech last night at the Republican national Convention. They were making fun of her accent, of her native Slovenia, with obnoxious nationalist comments like “Where was she from? Transylvania?” Miller ran a mocking piece reworked to Tom Petty’s 1979 song, “Refugee.”

By doing so they insult millions of real refugees and immigrants to this country, because that attitude underscores the same prevailing WASP nativism that feeds racist power systems like the black community face. It powers a narrative that makes new Americans feel unwelcome, unsafe and eternally second class. It reflects a prevailing racially and nationally dominant Frat/sorority obnoxious caste system that should be something this nation eschews rather than simply using as this punkish knee jerk reaction.

What it shows immigrants to this nation, and proves to other minorities that there is, in this country, a fine line between allies and enemies, and that it doesn’t take much except political expediency to move that line. It shows that the party apparatchiks are hardly far enough apart to discern any real daylight. It also betrays a severe lack of moral and ethical and human substance. Politics, in that regard is more a game, but one played by the wealthy and powerful, or at the very least white so-called nativists or those blindly using nativist rhetoric who are using everyone else’s lives and pain as pawns.

Frankly, Left or Right, that is not my country!immigrant


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