“What do you mean…?”

So the world is in two words, Helter Skelter. Think I named the blog that by accident? Merriam-Webster(who I hear is a babe), defines Helter Skelter as: in a confused and careless way, in undue haste, confusion, or disorder <ran helter–skelter, getting in each other’s way , in a haphazard manner.  Paul McCartney apparently thought it had to do with a girlfriend with terrible rhythm and playground equipment.

But here is what I don’t get, all those people who say that violence isn’t the answer. How come they only say that when it comes to the oppressed, minorities and the powerless? And is that really true? Would there be a history channel without violence garnering greater than normal attention? Would Steven Spielberg or George Lucas have a career if violence didn’t get attention and if it wasn’t the answer? Violence apparently was the answer for the Civil War, World War Two, all those annoying Indians slowing up our railroads and gold rushes. It was, by government accounts, and cable news ratings the answer to Saddam Hussein, ISIS, the Serbs, terror masterminds driving through the Sinai in Toyotas and to damn near anything dealing with oil. So why isn’t it the answer to oppressed minorities? Just asking.

Violence isn’t the answer to the issue of Black civilians killed disproportionately by police, but it sure as hell captured the nations attention in ways simple protests by a hand full of Black Lives matter protesters never did. So much that radical white racists like Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Joe Walsh and Dan Proft who only months ago were bantering about the first Amendment protecting the vilest speech, such as the sewage spewed from Donny Trump now want Black Lives Matter deemed a terror group because some misanthrope committed a violent act.

Here’s the bottom line; first, perhaps we are witnessing the intersection of disaffection to racism and unchecked gun proliferation with cops on the literal firing line. Second, maybe if America and humanity addressed and acknowledged it’s violent heritage, and how that heritage/culture has been crafted to maintain systems of power and profit we might begin to bring peace to our bloody streets. Until then, apparently violence is the ONLY answer.   elie


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