A hearty congratulations to the KKK and White supremacist movement in American for finally getting national network attention. And Congrats on getting a nationally televised convention! The White Power movement has desperately tried to get noticed with attacks on police officers, assassinations of judges, blowing up a federal building in Oklahoma and taking the lives of far more Americans than any Muslim or Blacks. The problem is the media. For some reason the media just wouldn’t cover them. Well, that’s all changed now  thanks to Donald Trump, Rep. Joe Walsh, Dan Proft, Amy Jacobsen, Rush Limbaugh and so many more. ABC, MSNBC, CBS, CNN, FOX and others are setting the record straight and getting the white out in ways they could have never dreamed before. Trump’s potential genocide of Muslims, reasoning any justification for killing Blacks and minorities by police and more. Rep. Steve King challenged commentators to name any real accomplishments by non-whites. Ann Coulter decried that Trump is the last chance to save the only remaining Christian nation on Earth and Washington high-priced prostitute to the powerful and White Laura Ingraham even gave Donald Trump what appeared to be a Nazi salute at her RNC speech this week. So here’s to White Power. You are finally mainstream…then again, maybe you always were.  ingraham21n-1-web


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