When Trump erupts about making America a law and order country with all the vigor of the leader of a posse, his poster child for that is Milwaukee County Sheriff, David Clark. It was no mistake that Trump chose Clark to speak early in the republican national Convention this week, essentially bookending Trump’s true intentions, and warnings about the sort of America we can expect if he is elected president.

The law and order nation is already here, evident in hundreds of videos detailing abuse a civil liberties violations by law enforcement. Those videos are merely the white sheet over a general assault of American civil liberties, most especially the first Amendment. Clark, in a radio interview on a Chicago station this morning, was incensed that Cleveland’s mayor allowed unrestricted protests. He asserted that protesters must apply for permits and follow certain common sense restrictions in order to assemble and to complain about their government, its officials and their policies. It is a standard he and others on the Right steadfastly resist and refuse when it comes to the Second Amendment.

The Right does not own the dangerous idea of America becoming a law and order nation. Obama and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel locked down and terrified Chicagoans by inflating potential violence as a means of executing the Occupy movement during the 2012 NATO summit. It was fully evident during the unconstitutional house to house searches after the Boston Marathon bombing. It is also found in the collection of real time data on Americans via law enforcement and intelligence services. absolutely unconstitutional, such overreaches should have seen prosecutions and firings for violations of basic civil liberties and infringements on privacy pursuant to the 4th Amendment. However, the 911 callers, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, Jeremy Hammond and others are the convicts and fugitives, while nothing has changed from their revelations.

This week the Chicago city council will approve another $4.5 million in settlements due to police abuses, added to some $600 million borne by taxpayers in a decade long series of police crimes and excesses. As crime continues to fall, spurred in no small part by aggressive community grassroots efforts rhetoric from a government-corporate propaganda media continues to drumbeat the fiction of a lawless society. Teachers and teachers unions are excoriated and their benefits and pay threatened, while more and more money is funneled into police and urban warfare equipment with little or no discussion. Ferguson is portrayed as all about whether or not Michael Brown’s hand were up or not, rather than the sudden appearance of machine guns and battle gear against the first members of the community who simply and peacefully wanted answers to critical questions.

The nation has been rushing towards a police state since September 2001. The state seems to have systemically targeted and provoked minority and ethnic segments of the population as a means of justifying windfall spending and greater population control-physical control equals message control. Donald Trump will only make it entirely acceptable to violate civil liberties and to terrorize the populace openly for even greater control. That terror will not seem to come from the state, but America will be propagandized to believe they are endangered by whatever group will evoke the greatest fear.,

Why, you might ask? Trump is not a populist. Populism is a tactic not a culture. It is a means to an end. He is a corporatist with a talent for supremely manipulating the media. And police state? You put it all together…



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