Well, now even Hillary supporters can’t deny that the fix was in to knock out Bernie Sanders, not through votes and strength of ideas, or even the ability to outspend, but by cheating and a conspiratorial stab in the back. This week Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the DNC, which was supposed to be impartial in the primaries, resigned over revelations and leaked emails showing that top echelons of the DNC conspired to undermine Sanders in favor of Clinton. Flipping a giant bird to Sanders supporters, Clinton then turned around and announced that Schultz would be campaigning with Clinton nationally.

I’m really not buying the Clinton supporters panic and guilt cry that its all about the supreme court. Clinton has never been honest about anything, and just keeps digging that hole. I doubt that her appointments will be any better then Trump’s, especially in view of the parade of pro-corporate lawyers Obama keeps promoting. Different is automatically better. That either means that she is as obnoxious, albeit with a refined political and diplomatic acumen, as Donald Trump, or she is so thoroughly insulated from reality and the views of her constituency as to make her worthless as a leader. Am I making a case for Trump? I’m making a case for someone other than Clinton.

Clinton is making, it would seem, some huge strategic blunders. But upon closer examination, it is obvious she is as arrogant, power thirsty and duplicitous as Donald Trump. Six of one, half dozen of another, as the saying goes. The leaked emails only provide evidence to my cynicism, distrust and disdain for Clinton. Let’s go through some of that for a moment.

  1. The choice of Virginia Senator Tim Kaine for her vice presidential running mate. Amid the leaked emails was a list of ways of “getting” the Hispanic vote. Filled with condescension and racial stereotyping the email called outreach to Hispanics the “Taco Bowl Engagement.” Kaine pandered by giving his acceptance speech in Spanish. Two very WASPy and wealthy candidates. Hmm. Here is more from the leaked emails: 
  2. The fix was in from the beginning, as we all suspected, but as the emails now confirm. and this is the poster child for democracy, or at the very least an alternative to Trump? Hillary controls speech, message and is duplicitous in policy to the same extent. How will she be any different? Stabbed in the face or stabbed in the back.
  3. Clinton’s excitement that the one person , Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who presided over months of cheating and bullying and conspiracy against a fellow democratic candidate will join her campaign, means that she has already abandoned Bernie supporters.
  4. Hillary’s failure to acknowledge the scandal benefitted her by any sort of rapprochement with legions of Bernie supporters who could swing the election one way of another. The failure to bridge that confidence with Elizabeth Warren turned instead to a reaffirmation of the condescension Hillary is known for, as in her lecturing of Black Lives Matter people about the reality of the world

This is not Progressive or change. This week at the convention Clinton and her surrogates will banter and blather about Trump outrages and the darker world he presents. I believe he does, but I am not seeing the sort of real moral and ethical leadership this nation needs in the White House. I am seeing more of the power-centralization, rule by edict, people as pawns leadership dragging this nation over the abyss(guns, crime and economic stratification or symptoms of our lack of moral leadership). The convention this week is as much a coronation to a monarch as the DNC was last week, and not a reaffirmation of the power of the people. In other words, the killer isn’t lurking outside in the shadows. THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!


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