I agree with the Right! Yeah, I said it. Two days and the dems haven’t mentioned that we are under siege by ISIS! They have failed to remind Americans that our streets are drenched in blood from Black and Mexican rapists and murderers, and that our police cower in fear, no longer acting with the hubris of an occupying power, but instead are now entrenched behind walls against the ruthless savages teeming like Injuns in a bad 1950s Western Movie. Not one word on the survivalist necessity of being locked and loaded while going for a latte at Starbucks or while buying another 20 pound bag of cool ranch Doritos at Walmart. And what about the unborn Black babies killed by genocidal liberal doctors, to say nothing of the aborted white babies needed to offset the Muslim and Mexican hordes breeding like rabbits? TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! TAKE BACK…! And lastly, not even a breath from the dems about the immigrant flood

Missing are the sweeping generalizations about Muslims, Mexicans, and why can’t we use the N-word freely and loudly wherever and whenever we are? How else is everyone going to know that this is a white country, built by whites who fear god? Like the RNC, we need more depictions of inner city violence as something genetically predisposed to Blacks, rather than pointing out that long held racism, abandonment of communities, financial corruption in favor of the wealthy draining resources from schools or profit orgies sending jobs overseas. That sort of talk just divides America!

The dems insist on focusing on domestic and economic issues. They want to blather on about strategies for the long term viability of our families, our education, our health and our environment, when the real focus should be on instilling optimal amounts of fear about a terrorist in France or a crackpot wife beater in Florida who could only too easily obtain combat weaponry.

Your jobs are being  stolen by immigrants! That should be the refrain. All of those lucrative busboy, dishwashing and those lawn cleaning jobs that made America great and which built our middle class. They are all going to immigrants instead of well educated Americans. Your jobs haven’t been relocated overseas by the same people who are guests regularly on FOX, or who seed the Republican party with cash, or who want your social security as fuel for their stock market, for people like David Koch or Dick Armey who created the Tea Party and then constructed a grassroots myth about its origin. Such talk divides America! FOCUS PEOPLE!

So I demand that the dems abandon their divisive rhetoric about a more equitable and inclusive America. Terrorism is the longer term threat rather than your healthcare, mortgage or retirement. Immigrants. Immigrants. IMMIGRANTS! CRIME! GUNS! WALLS! That’ll fix the country!

(NOTE: The preceding sarcasm was written by slave labor in Asia, where the rest of American jobs have been shipped, amid the highest corporate profits in history. Much thanks to the Indonesian children for seeing through the bull that Americans apparently can’t see through. Maybe its the distance.)



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