…not so fast, Righties. You’re both wrong. Let me explain. I know that everyone on either side would prefer not to have an election, and have this all decided in various courts of law, with the next president decided by default, but it doesn’t work that easy. Democracy is hard, which is why Americans apparently hate it so much. Before I get to exactly what Donald Trump may or may not be guilty of it is critical to set the stage. This is a complex issue, but I have boiled it down. Here you go.

First, it is important to establish exactly what we are talking about here. Despite the attempted diversion by the Trump camp and especially by its advocacy media in FOX, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and others, this is not about Hillary’s missing emails. A crime was committed. The private emails of  the democratic national committee, DNC, were stolen. They were stolen by a foreign individual or group or government. If this was a car theft it would be like the thief telling the cops “but I’m not guilty because there are unpaid parking tickets in the glove box.” That is what Trump and allies have attempted to do in misleading the public. They are diverting the discussion from the actual issue. Don’t be fooled.

There are levels to all of this. The top, thinnest layer of all this is a vengeful and willing dupe, WikiLeaks’ own Julian Assange. For the record, I am a general supporter and adherent to much of what Julian Assange has done. This one is out of character for Assange. It wasn’t an act of transparency to governments, the powerful and hypocrites run amok. If it was he would be going  at Donald Trump’s organization just as hard, or at the very least the Republican Party and Tea Party. Assange is acting purely out of vengeance, understandably, lashing out on the eve of Hillary’s anointing after being essentially imprisoned in place by the Obama/Clinton administration for releasing hacked video and emails regarding atrocities committed by US troops as well as embarrassing diplomatic cables. This one, however, makes Assange look like a petty jerk, rather than a crusader for truth and transparency.

Assange is simply the vehicle. He is the convenient vehicle as a bridge from a cyber underground to the cyber mainstream, which is what makes him so important. He has the street and media creds to get noticed. If you wish to make a splash and you’ve got dirt, you’re going to WikiLeaks, not an anonymous or unknown message board. There are levels again here and WikiLeaks provides an extra level of anonymity, to an extent. It isn’t fool proof, and at the end of the day the internet is the domain of nerds, geeks and geniuses and a fair number of troublemakers who simply like to mess with stuff, To them the internet is a toy and a puzzle, and their private world where they have power and the ability to dismantle and rearrange at will. There are no secrets on the web. There are only those with secrets and those chasing those secrets.

At the end of the day, apart from his role in revealing the DNC emails and documents, Assange is inconsequential to this whole affair. Yes, he received a hated neighbor’s embarrassing stolen goods essentially, but they were dumped on his doorstep anonymously and all he did was throw the goods into the street and shouted look at so and so’s underwear! That is not a crime, just an act of petty revenge.

I’m getting to the treason stuff, but you’ll have to bear with me here. This is a fast moving curve ball with lots of other balls zooming around. There is just one ball to keep your eye on, but first we need to understand a bit about all the others so they can be properly dealt with. We don’t want to swing at the wrong pitch. Julian Assange and WikiLeaks is the wrong pitch.

You’ll recall in a previous post that Donald Trump has a long and deep relationship with Russia and the Russian government that goes all the way to the top of Russia’s echelons of power, including its defense and intelligence community. Unless he suffers from a possible memory breakdown his denial of a very deep and decades long relationship with Russia is a complete fabrication. In the next post we will build upon that by tracing the evidence of who hacked the emails and their possible connection to the Russian government and possibly to the Trump campaign.



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