Call ’em like I see ’em

Puppies for Sale!!! Free Cheese!! Naked People that you know!!!

Good, now that I have your attention, Kudos to AM560’s Dan Proft for indications that at least part of his soul isn’t for sale or bargain. On his radio show today he managed a bit of integrity by Challenging an Ohio transplant to Wisconsin running against Paul Ryan for Congress. Paul Nehlen is running as a member, by his positions it would seem on the Aryan Party platform, updated from its original 1933 platform and translated from the original German. This time around its all about the TPP and Muslims who “believe” in Sharia. For context, I believe the Harry Potter books exist. that doesn’t mean I adhere to magic. To his credit Proft jumped on Nehlen immediately about the dangerous implications of  state interference of religious institutions, and most importantly, over thought crimes.

Nehlen, comfortable in publically adopting long-held white supremacist views, now that Donald Trump has legitimized racism as mainstream political and social faire, wants all Muslims, including US citizens deported, and demands that all Mosques and Muslim social media be monitored(Shout out to all my Muslim peeps on Facebook. Monitor me giving this recent wave of bigoted tripe giving the ideological police state the big middle finger!). A note to Mr. Nehlen; difficult to monitor Mosques if you’ve deported everyone. Hint: Empty buildings.

And forgive me, but where was Nehlen and Trump and all the Righties two years ago when Progressives and Liberals were protesting amid winter vortices about TPP? No where to be found. Forgive me if it all rings a bit hollow and manufactured. Where w ere all you supposedly disgruntled working class people who for years couldn’t be bothered or were bored or simply accepted the government line-touted by Republicans, including Tea Party Republicans that there  nothing to see here? Now, for a candidate who validates your sudden splash of cold water in the face you’re turning on those who were ringing the warning bell years ago? Wake up and smell, well, what you’re smelling ain’t the coffee…


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