Gold Star Parents of Dead Soldier who criticized Trump…

…crossed a line and “should be attacked,” said ex-congressman Joe Walsh. once they spoke their mind, “They crossed a line,” he said on his radio show. Walsh went on to say that New Town parents who spoke out about gun control after the murder of their children also crossed the line. If they speak out, Walsh said, they can and should be “attacked.”

“I will attack you. Doesn’t matter if you lost a child. it doesn’t matter if you are a Gold Star mom.”

Walsh has attempted to bolster evaporating ratings at WIND-AM in Chicago with audacious and obnoxious rants and opinions. However, the station isn’t even in the top 50 radio stations in Chicago

Walsh, a Trump propagandist and gun pornographer was referring to Democratic National Convention speaker, Khizr Khan, whom Walsh described as a “partisan politician.” Khan’s son, Humayan, a Muslim American and an Army Captain, was killed protecting fellow American soldiers by tackling a suicide bomber in Iraq. Khan was born in 1976 and his Pakistani family immigrated to the US two years later.


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