Black Lives matter is dangerous. Why? First because it embodies Black empowerment not controlled, patronized or overseen by Whites. That Whites and others may participate is purely the choice of BLM organizers. That is called autonomy. Second, with voluminous video evidence that Black Lives specifically have been devalued in America, #BlackLivesMatter is a direct frontal assault of powerful and deeply entrenched systems of oppression. That means America must confront either itself or must violently confront its disenfranchised citizens. America has never willingly or peacefully taken the higher road. All change in America regarding civil rights has always come when  a community at last explodes; woman, gay, transgender, Black, immigrants… So if a cop is killed by a Black man it is front page news day after day. But if a White man kills a cop there is barely a whisper. Those stories disappear quickly. In August 2016 several police officers were murdered by White suspects, notably in Arkansas and New Mexico. The media expended its energy fully on discrediting Black anger and Black Lives Matter. There was more outrage over the torching of a police cruiser in a protest than in the deaths of those two cops by White shooters. So please don’t tell me that so-called BLUE lives matter, because if they did the response would be the same regardless of the race of the perpetrator. But the media doesn’t because we have collectively made the decision that some lives are more valuable than others, and that decision falls squarely along racial lines.


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