Stop the TPP,
Sun, Aug 38th, 3-7p,
UE Hall on Ashland, 37 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, 60607
It is official, Obama is sending the TPP to Congress earlier than we thought – it may come up for a vote as early as Sept 9th. And the danger zone will continue through the Fall into the lame duck session, its-official-obama-to-send- congress-tpp/

We are planning a Post “Bernie – Our Revolution” meeting for further organizing to
Stop the TPP,
Sun, Aug 38th, 3-7p,
UE Hall on Ashland, 37 S Ashland Ave, Chicago, 60607

We would like to organize NO TPP Action Teams to bird dog the Pro – TPP and “vulnerable to flipping” IL Reps and Sens. (Kirk most definitely, and possibly Durbin as well).

Please grab your friends, family and neighbors and RSVP at: events/1669495316703615/

We welcome all of the No -TPP fighters from across Chicagoland to attend. All of us together will help identify our targets, break into teams, develop messages and action plans for Sept/Oct to put pressure on these specific legislators – actions could be planned for Labor Day parades, the legislative offices, and campaign stops, and more.

We will also discuss what plans may be brewing for actions in Nov and National actions as well.

Mara Cohen from People Demanding Action will be there to discuss how her Resource Hub can help each of the teams. And we will plan conf. calls going forward to share success stories, encourage each other in our actions, and share news as it comes out about IL legislators.

Please come share the plans for action in your communities. If you are already pressuring one or more of the Il Reps or Sens then you or your group can continue to be leaders in your area.

We are in the home stretch of an epic struggle to maintain our sovereignty, for the environment, and against One World Corporate Control – please do not miss the final battles against the TPP.

Thanks for all you have done already against the TPP, and all that you are about to do going forward, please share this email with your contacts – thanks.

Dr. Lora

Frack Free IL
PS – The national FlushtheTPP conf. call, typically on every other Wed, is tonight, Wed, August 17th but one hour earlier than normal – 7pn (CST).
To register for that call please go to:
http://myaccount. conference/register/ G6P276A1T572ZZOC

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