Shaun from Elmwood Park and the Cajun Navy

It is my duty here on Helter Skelter to call out rubes and idiots. If you listen at all to rightwing radio in Chicago it is likely you have heard “Shaun from Elmwood Park.” Not because he has anything substantive to say. He’s really a one trick pony in that regard. Like  a broken record, he’ll blather about “Fabian Socialists,” this or “Fabian Socialists” that, and maybe Fats Domino capitalists, Bi Bopper Anarchists and…you know the drill. No-nothings love their labels and categories to make them sound knowledgeable. All of these one track no nothings who confuse, like the entire Trump movement, pith with knowledge, volume for righteousness, sarcasm for fact-based argument and attitude with insight. A recent tirade really illustrates it all very precisely.

In a Koch Brothers, Ayn Randian trickery by way of manufactured populism swathed in faux-patriotism, Shaun is connected to something called the “Capitalist Union.” No actual information, just screes about big government, Hillary’s pants suits and “socialism” invading America via social programs for the needy, social Security, climate change and, in particular, regulation. His tirades step from that wet-sand foundation, just to help set the stage.

This morning, guest hosting with the ponderous Koch Brothers-supported propagandist Dan Proft, Shaun railed against proposed legislation to regulate  a loosely organized local effort by citizens to assist with the flood relief in Louisiana. While I applaud the passion of the “Cajun Navy”and some of the good work some of these people have done, wasn’t it the republicans and the Right starting with the Lewinsky scandal proclaiming that we are a nation of laws? We are also not a nation of rubes either. Regulation exists for a reason, generally to prevent chaos. What if, for example, the do-gooders of the so-called Cajun- Re: hillbilly- Navy interfere with relief efforts? What if looters or price gougers charging outrageous sums for water or rescue mix in with ad-hoc, unsupervised, or unknown citizen helpers?  Not to say anything about damage to property, loss of evidence, property rights, liability and  a thousand other issues.

Legislation is coordination to prevent chaos and corruption in disaster, such as the historic flooding. The alternative we see on the news every time there is  a disaster in a third world country with hordes of gawkers standing on the wings of crashed aircraft, climbing on and into crashed train cars.crash2

Given, the floods in Louisiana damaged or destroyed some 60 thousand homes and businesses, decimating lives and effect more than 100 thousand people. That scale of a disaster taxes to the limits the best of local, state, and federal assistance both on financial and physical levels. In such extraordinary circumstances it becomes an all hands on deck in helping neighbors and rebuilding communities, but not a haphazard, ham-fisted stampede. True relief requires a plan and plans require organization, rather than the knee jerk, fly-by-night one dimensional idiocy of no-nothings like the loud mouth from Elmwood Park.

Like Rep. Joe Walsh, who promised to debate me and then never showed, or the Koch Brothers and Bruce Rauner funded Illinois Policy Institute who refused to debate me on my old radio show, I doubt Shaun from Elmwood Park would ever debate me, despite, like all the others, I always promise to bring the beer-good beer.


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