Everything For Love: A Memoir Of Love And War

On an autumn night in 1992 a Chicago Artist made a sketch of a young woman, a woman he had never seen, in a country he had never visited. Two years later they would meet and fall in love on the war ravaged streets of Sarajevo. A whirlwind romance amid the longest military siege in modern times. As winter closes in and the siege tightens, they ponder a desperate escape from the city, running a deadly gauntlet of snipers, landmines and death. Had fate carried them together across an ocean and through a war only to tear them apart again? Were they prepared to sacrifice everything for love? Their story made headlines. But here, for the first time, is the incredible true story of impossible lovers, and their powerful story of hope and survival. Everything for Love corrects the historical record, revealing a world in which love reigns supreme and remains as humanity?s greatest virtue.



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