I am tired of hearing Christians, mostly white American fellow Christians say that Muslims are in need of a reformation. Liberal talk host Thom Hartmann says it all the time. Christians, do you know what the reformation was? It wasn’t redefining human rights and becoming “modern” and “civilized.” It basically decentralized Christianity from a few kings to many princes. The so-called reformation caused the deaths of millions of Europeans, not to mention religious genocides against millions of colonized Arabs and Africans. Christianity was used to justify the genocide of native Americans, the Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipinos, Bosnian Muslims, Serbs at the hands of the Croatian Ustashe, Croats at the hands of the Serbs, in Uganda’s anti-Gay laws and The Army of God, the Nazis who killed everybody and justified American slavery, with Blacks enshrined in the “Originalist” constitution-Under God-as 3/5s a human being. In that regard, Christianity did not reform, it just put on a suit. 

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