You do realized you are being used? Right? Give yourself that much credit…


Media bad. Media very bad. Media…that’s the refrain from, well, the Media, and they are laughing at you all the way to the bank. Actually, you’re driving them there. Let me explain.

Ann Coulter today was on the Sean Hannity program, both quoted Breitbart in support of Donald Trump. Sean Hannity is on ABC and FOX at the same time, despite that they are so-called competitors. The head of Breitbart News, a media organization is now running trump’s presidential campaign. Hannity admitted last week to being an advisor to the Trump run, then uses his corporate network TV and radio show as a near endless positive media commercial for Trump. Hannity is primetime. a 30 second commercial in primetime on FOX runs about $20,000 for 30 seconds, or $40k/minute. In an average 40 minute show, minus commercials, last night Trump got an $800,000 commercial on FOX for nothing. He’ll get another tonight. I didn’t estimate here the near endless positive coverage for Trump and virtually exclusively negative coverage of Hillary 24/7 on FOX. Do the math.

Stay with me here. That means, since we are doing the math together, ABC, FOX, and Brietbart are part of the Trump campaign, especially since, despite what you think of her, all of their coverage of Hillary is negative. FOX regularly boasts as being the most watched news network, a consequence of predatory marketing and cable TV contracts favoring the Network over all others. Roughly  a million people/month, or around 32000 daily. So, who exactly is the media? Salem and Clear Channel, both in the bag for Trump with exclusively Right-oriented programming has 1500 stations nationwide, to less than 400 which could be called Progressive or Liberal-including NPR-, unless music is also now considered Liberal.

In Chicago it gets even more tangled. Sean Hannity, adviser to Donald Trump, who uses Brietbart News as a primary source, run by Trump’s campaign chief, runs on the Salem affiliate. That Salem affiliate runs a show by the Illinois Policy Institute, which is reportedly funded by Charles and David Koch and Illinois Republican governor, Bruce Rauner. Their spokes-mouth is Dan Proft who last week had both a columnist and a member of the Chicago Tribune editorial board, both of who are rabidly, like Proft, anti-Hillary and pro-Trump.

Members of the Chi Trib Editorial Board, as well as the executive board of the paper, belong to the very exclusive Chicago Club, along with Bruce Rauner and Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. ITS A PERFECT CIRCLE! And all of them talk about the media as if it is some pejorative monster set to destroy American values. So finish the math with me for the slam dunk… The media creates an enemy that it calls, what? Yes, the media, to promote a candidate who will stand up to who? Yesssssssssssss, the media, by using what? That’s right the media.

Liberal indeed.



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