The National Anthem…

…does not give me or anyone the Right to protest, to free speech, worship or not worship, be secure in my home and possession. That right is expressed through the constitution, the law and my penchant to defend it absolutely.

The Star Spangled Banner is not a law or a founding document.

I praise this nation when it acts in the interests of humanity and condemn it when it does not.

The same people complaining about San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s sit down protest are also the same people who support the Confederate Flag.

The same people who support the Confederate Flag claim this nan went to war to free the slaves…aaaaagainst the people flying the…I can’t say it again.

The national anthem is a song. it is not, however, a racists song, despite taking aim at mercenaries and former slaves,  a unit of which prevailed in a fight against the author, Francis Scott Keys, weeks before the poem was written. Keys, however, was very much a man of his times, pro-slavery and anti-abolitionist.

The Star Spangled Banner was written a 1/4 century after the constitution was ratified. So was “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” but we don’t recite poems about Ichabod Crane at ball games.

Ball games are now sovereign and holy national events requiring a recitation of an oath of loyalty to the nation?

The only way to be loyal to the nation is to regularly recite that oath at least once a week?

If you watch the anthem on television and don’t get off the couch, is that a protest or just you being a hypocrite?

We hear constantly that protest should be peaceful. What is more peaceful than sitting quietly? Maybe it is just protest the Right hates, unless it is for guns or against Planned Parenthood. Or is it that someone had the guts not to simply bend over and quietly accept injustice. Or is it just people of color they don’t like, especially if they get all uppity and stuff?

Protest is patriotic. It is direct action to correct the people’s government. Therefore Colin Kaepernick, recognizing an injustice, was acting as a patriot.

Incidentally, protest should not aim to be peaceful. It should aim to be effective. Whether a protest by the people is peaceful or not is a decision made by the state, authorities or an oppressive power. The protest’s task is to address obstacles to its effectiveness. 


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