Congratulations America, Unrestricted Cash in Politics has Allowed You to Vote for the Candidate whose Corruption you are Least Offended by…

This from the Guardian

Why is a $25,000 campaign donation Donald Trump made in September 2013 to Pam Bondi, a Republican running for re-election as Florida’s attorney general, now such a big deal?

Trump circumvented Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules by routing the money through a charitable entity, the Donald J Trump Foundation, which is prohibited by law from making political donations. More controversially, however, Bondi’s office was at the time mulling whether to join a New York state probe into allegations that customers who paid thousands of dollars to Trump University, Trump’s for-profit education company, for a real estate investment course were ripped off. Just days after Trump’s donation arrived, Bondi dropped her investigation into the alleged fraud, citing “insufficient grounds” to proceed.

…or this from ABC…

Hillary Clinton Defends Not Knowing State Department Classification Markings

After the FBI‘s release of government documents last week that were part of the Hillary Clinton email probe, she told ABC’s David Muir Monday that she takes “classification very seriously” and sees the release of those documents as the end of “a very difficult period.”

“I have learned that trying to explain what happened made it sound to some people like I was trying to excuse it. There are no excuses,” she told Muir in Cleveland.

She added, “I take responsibility. I made a mistake. I’ve apologized, and obviously I wish I could do differently what happened. I certainly would never do that again.”

Clinton told Muir that when she was the secretary of state, she relied on “people in the State Department, professionals with lots of experience and expertise who were handling this material and sending it to me,” to make “their best judgments.”

FBI Director James Comey has said that three email chains with Clinton included at least one paragraph marked “(C),” indicating that the paragraph contained confidential material.

He has called Clinton’s handling of classified info “extremely careless” but said there’s no evidence to indicate she knew she was sending or receiving classified info.

Clinton told the FBI that she did not know what the “(C)” meant at the beginning of the paragraphs and speculated it was a reference to paragraphs marked in alphabetical order — something she reiterated in ABC’s exclusive interview.



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