Some things on Trump and Race came up today on Facebook with family. It had to do with the letters “KKK” followed by “Leave Niggers” spray-painted on the walls of Eastern Michigan University. A lot of reaction from friends and family. Here is part of that conversation. Names have been changed:

DAVE: Not sure how Trump fits into this. This kind of cowardice crap has been going on long before you, me or Trump was around.

SUE: Trump gives permission to his followers to not be “politically correct” so that they can spout all that racist garbage they had to keep a lid on before his candidacy — that’ s why his supporters love him. If he’s spouting racist, bigoted, misogynist rhetoric, then it must be okay.

CAROL: I agree with Tom and it was not correct before and it is not correct now…pretty sure Trump had nothing to do with those people’s idiocy….I would place blame on the parents and the biased main stream media race baiters…

ME: He has given them the confidence to move into the open. They openly applaud and support his rhetoric. he has shared and retweeted numerous posts from neo-Nazi and white supremacist hate sites, and David Duke, apart from openly endorsing him credits Trump with his congressional bid. Trump is an inspiration. their words not mine.

ME: Wow, race baiters? because there is no racism. All made up.

DAVE: The thing with Trump is he speaks mind and has no filter. Politicians, media and liberals have a problem with that. I think that the majority of people in this country are tired of the “business as usual” crap. The president has had more affect on racial tension in this country then Trump could ever have done. You wanted change? Well, you got it.

ME: Stop it, Dave. Stop being a dupe for media manipulation. If Trump is playing the media, don’t you think, billionaire, media savvy Trump is playing you and the rest of too? He doesn’t speak his mind, he speaks to a marketing plan that works.. As for Obama, who I dislike on policy levels vehemently, referring to racial issues is dividing the nation? Is calling attention to bank robbery dividing the nation along criminals and non criminals? You are buying a television and media manufactured personality. The racial conversation, painful as it is happens because America has denied it for so long. But put a Black man in office who speaks to issues important to him and that is divisive. Only if you are unprepared for a bit of self examination.. trust me, I am not buying any of Hillary’s shit either, but she will, in the interim, and for lack of any other choice not be anywhere near as destructive as Trump. Working class brother, Trump wouldn’t let you into one of his buildings, wouldn’t let you into one of his exclusive clubs and wouldn’t cross the street to piss on you if you hair was on fire., and as for speaking everything that’s on his mind, no filter…that’s also called Tourette’s.

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